Friday, April 15, 2011

Healthy earth, healthy tree, healthy limbs

A few weeks ago a very wise woman blogger wrote on the topic of maintaining strong roots that can sustain us through the storms in our lives that can cause us to topple and fall. I wrote her and thanked her for her post and said that it was 'Powerful information that should be repeated again and again on every blog that promotes long term recovery and not diet mentality.'

I am repeating the topic here at for my readers. I hope other blogs will also promote the topic of maintaining healthy earth, tree and limbs. 

I have been growing healthy roots daily for almost 5 years. When storms of financial insecurity or the winds of emotional turmoil come I feel a shudder and I cling to the strong, healthy earth in which I am growing my roots. I have a strong support system, accountability and a commitment to honesty that firmly hold my roots in place. I watch out for the worms of fear, resentment, apathy and contentment. They can weaken my support and damage my growth. If that happens I am vulnerable to disease that will bring down the mighty tree that is my recovery from extreme obesity. 
I used to say that certain personal catastrophes could fell me the way a tornado knocks over seemingly strong trees. Today I believe that whereas a limb might be severed by death, loss or illness; strong roots will support me always, if I take care to keep them healthy today. 

What are you doing today to nourish your earth, your tree, your limbs? 


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Cenandra said...

I love this analogy! She was so right! I strive every day to stay grounded and firm.