Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Breakfast

A bit much for morning?
I had plans to attend the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton today but tomorrow is our youngest daughter's college graduation day. There was no way I could stay through the Wedding Breakfast and still fly back from London in time to guarantee I could make it in time for the morning commencement ceremonies. So, regretfully, I could not attend. That is the honest reason I am not there. The fact that I did not receive an invitation  played no part in my decision. . . . . .

Nor did this stop me from planning a little Royal Wedding Breakfast of my own. Yesterday our first born daughter and my mum flew in from New York City for the graduation. When they stepped into our home they each  received a parchment scroll wrapped in a white organza ribbon. Even my daughter up at the University found an invitation in her email. 

At 4:00AM this morning I awoke, put on the tea and coffee and warmed the oven. After popping a special recipe for breakfast muffins into the oven I nudged mum and my oldest child to wake. My youngest daughter joined us via Skype and we all proceeded to watch the wedding coverage.  I left my grateful husband to sleep until 5:30.

One fell asleep before the kiss
Between 5:00 and 6:00 we enjoyed beverages and Royal Breakfast Scones (located at Recipes). We stayed with the televised coverage until after the second royal kiss. It was a fun family morning and now my husband is off at work, my mum and daughters have all gone off to sleep and I am catching up on emails before I get to my business of the day. 

In two days I am leaving on a 10 day road trip across country and I do not want to start out with sloppy food behaviors as I set off for two weeks eating out of my home element. I took the time this morning to write down my planned food for today. Eating breakfast so early today, I know I would be hungry before lunch so I have committed my food for the rest of the day. Another action I am taking  this morning is researching the menu of the restaurant where we will be celebrating our daughter's graduation tomorrow. 

Action makes keeping the pounds off a reality instead of a wish. Committing my food and refraining from foods and behaviors that lead me into thinking I am 'entitled' to eat sweets or 'justified' to overeat just a few extra bites', I am living a life free from food bondage. I have abdicated the title of  "Queen of Denial."

Are there food behaviors you will not give up because you 'think' you can't? Are you holding on to a certain food(s) because you cannot imagine life without them is a life worth having? Are you the Queen of Denial?  


Cenandra said...

I am a Queen of Denial shame to admit and I can't give up my treats. If I could go back to controlling what I eat and when I eat it I would be okay. Like I said I am having control issues. I could use your strength and knowledge right about now to help me through!

Jane Cartelli said...

I cannot control anything. I pray and act. Sometimes I have to act as if until it works but action is always the magic word.

One day at a time - even one hour at a time if we need it!