Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thank you Dr Scholls and Dr J. Robison!

When I was starting out with walking exercises (and still over 300 lbs) I had horrible heel pain and wore Dr Scholls' gel heel inserts. At some point the pain went away. When I got down to 200 lbs it returned, along with knee pain and hip pain. Went to Orthopedic Dr. The heel pain went away with a $120 sneaker and inserts to turn my foot straight from my natural inclination to roll out. The hip pain went away with one simple exercise and she 'cured' my knee pain by telling me to NOT do deep lunges or to reverse knee flexing. It worked. She also told me, after an MRI showed the extensive damage I have done from years of morbid obesity, that the weight loss saved me from knee replacement in my forties and not gaining it back will keep me from knee replacement in my fifties. Dr J. Robison told me that every 10 pounds of weight loss is  taking 50 pounds off the weight on my knees. So losing 220 pounds of actual weight was like taking 1100 pounds of weight off my knees. 

Today I walked/ran for 75 minutes on the treadmill. I climbed stairs at several stores. I bounced for 5 minutes on a trampoline. If you are just starting your journey and you think you could never do what I did today remember that six years ago I walked with a cane and could not bend my knees more than 20 degrees. 

If you are already far along in your journey of losing weight, what is keeping the pounds off giving back  to your body today? 



Pretty Pauline said...

*THANK YOU, JANE!* This was EXACTLY the encouragement I needed!

Jane Cartelli said...

Together we get better!


Cenandra said...

What inspiration! Its truly remarkable what happens to us when we go back to the natural state our bodies were designed to be isn't it? God is good!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

That is really inspirational and encouraging!

E. Jane said...

I needed to hear this, Jane, as I begin my training for walking a 5K. I suffer from heel pain, and knee problems. This is encouraging. I love what you share on your blog. It's so relevant and shows so much understanding of what it means to overcome obesity. Thank you so much!