Friday, April 22, 2011

Top Ten Tips for Using Up Easter Candy (without eating it)

Do not touch! Hot Peeps can
cause severe burns

1. Place marshmallow Peeps in microwave oven, set for 1 minute. Stand back and watch the show.
2. Mix Jelly Beans with bath salts for a more colorful soak in the tub or kiddie pool. Grinding jelly beans in food processor will help them release their colors faster.

3. Egg your annoying neighbors with Cadbury Creme Eggs. 

4. Let extra Peeps sit out in the air to harden and use as pumice stone or emery board. 

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5. Scatter Robin's egg blue malt candies on the lawn and see how fast ants can find them

6. Hold Reeses chocolate covered peanut butter eggs in running hot water. When chocolate has melted off, use peanut better patty as a facial mask.

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7. After cleaning microwave from Tip #1, place hollow chocolate bunny inside and takes bets on how many seconds it will take before it looks like Jabba the Hut. Add bunny Leia and take photos. 

8. Coconut candy 'nests' can be placed on branches of live trees ~ the sparrows will thank you, as will the bees, the ants . . . .

9. Tie-dye your husband's white dress shirts with M&Ms in Easter pastel hues. If your husband has no sense of humor use only a single color and try to cover the entire shirt. 

10. Use white chocolate bunny ears to chalk-outline family members or friends who insist of giving you Easter Candy! 

Have a sane and Happy Easter! Don't let the candy take over your life!

Keepingthepoundsoff with a sense of humor one day at a time. 


Alison said...

Love it! All great ideas...I'm coming back here a week before Halloween so I can get some tips on how to handle all of that candy temptation.

Jane Cartelli said...

This year I will have something funny to post with anti Halloween candy ideas but until then I thought you might want to read my post from last Halloween: