Sunday, April 17, 2011

You do NOT want fries with that!

Forget ketchup, these have
sodium acid pyrophoshate!
Read an article on Wendy's fries today. The article includes information about the fries at all fast food locations so it is probably not fair to only mention Wendy's by name but then again, Wendy's is the reason the article was written: they tossed the first ball by saying that their new fries were so natural. The writer of the article disagrees and so do I. 

This is what I have learned about the fries:

  • The fries are sprayed with sodium acid pyrophosphate. That is a chemical that prevents them from turning brown. Why would they turn brown? They get fried in oil twice: once at the plant where they are manufactured and a second time when they are cooked at the fast food location. 
  • The fries are sprayed or 'dusted' with dextrose (that is one of those suspicious sugar's derived from corn. The dextrose helps the fries to toast to a pretty color and supposedly adds flavor. 
  • The vats of frying oil also contain quantities of dimethylpolysiloxane: a silicone-based chemical that all fast food locations use to keep the vegetable oil from getting foamy after using the oil over and over and over again for batch after batch of fries. 
This educational information could help me to not order fries the next time the scent of hot, oily taters tries to take over my brain.
My father used shellac to seal
and coat wood furniture. 

Two Christmas' ago I was tempted by a chocolate covered nut confection that looked wonderful. I went so far as to read the label. One of the ingredients was Edible shellac - that's right S-H-E-L-L-A-C. If nothing else, I could not bring myself to willingly dive into a product coated in something called edible shellac. I love required food labeling! 

If nothing else, the article I read today is going to reinforce for me the reason I do not 'want fries with that.' Do you use the tool of reading in your journey of keeping the pounds off? Has an exposé article on any particular food or dining establishment ever helped you let go of food?



Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I'll pass on the fries as well - yuck. This reminds me of the taco bell lawsuit that revealed that the "meat" they use wasn't really meat at all.

Patrick said...

Sad because I am sure I have eaten enough shellac to redo half my furniture. This post contains ugly truth about ugly foods we ought to avoid as much as we can if not altogether.

Cenandra said...

YUCK! Shellac is what I get on my nails every 2 weeks because it hardens my nails and doesn't peal off! That is truly disgusting!

I am so glad I haven't eaten a fry since 2008!

E. Jane said...

Great information, Jane. I will be more vigilant in checking ingredient labels. I'm amazed at what food manufacturers get away with in the name of preservation and presentation!

Lisa said...

I never order fries now. For me, they are wasted calories. They aren't nutritious, I don't crave them, they are just empty calories that don't satisfy me. I will snag a few bites of my boyfriend's fries at dinner but I skip them most of the time.

Jane Cartelli said...

I never order them either. I do have to watch not to steal them from my husbands plate when he orders them in restaurants. We never eat in fast food locations any more (thank you Fast Food Nation).


blackhuff said...

Hi. I'm a new reader of your blog. I've read your post on Sheri's blog and I want to say, YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!
This post will also make me think twice about ordering fries again when I smell it. Eeeuw!
Shellac on sweets - how awful. Going to read my labels more carefully. Have never seen this before.

Jane Cartelli said...

There is thin, edible wax on our fruits, edible shellac on our confections - - -does the word edible make it okay?

Not to me.