Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Food stores exist to sell us food - they do not care if I eat healthy or eat total crap. Nor is it their responsibility to save me from my reaction to less-than-stellar food choices. I have to help myself. I shop in stores that have a healthier philosophy about food and stay away from discount markets that push low quality calories at low prices. I have cut out many other things from my budget so that I do not have to cut back on healthier food choices.

Chained Melody?
I keep my weight down by not buying processed foods and by keeping fresh foods visible in our home. There is a bowl of apples on the table and tomatoes on the counter. I always have home-frozen berries ready to add to yogurt and cereal. I try and roast veggies each week so they are always ready to be added to a meal when I am too tired to cook. A little planning goes a long way. Even after losing over 200 pounds, IF I kept a bowl of chocolate on my counter, muffins on the table and chips in the pantry I would be on my way to gaining that weight back again.  I do not bring them into the house. I do not put them in my shopping cart and I never shop when I am hungry, angry, lamenting or tired.

We found harmony in Alaska, too
At the same time, I am not the only person living in my home. Sometimes family members bring foods into the house that are triggers for me. It is my responsibility, as a recovering food addict, to accept that this is not my food and to let it be - most of the time. There are days the call of these foods seems very loud to my ears. At those times I ask that my family either refrain from bringing such things home or remove the items from my vision. Yes, out of sight/out of mind can work. I do not want anyone to feel they have to hide food and eat in secret. I only ask they not leave it out on display during those days when the squirrels are rattling in my brain. There has been enough shame associated with food behaviors in my head - I do not want that attitude to pervade our home. I happily share this space with my husband and youngest daughter. Both are adults who make their own food choices. We have to live together in harmony and we do that best when I am singing on-key. 

How do you feel when food shopping? Is keeping the pounds off causing any food fights in your home? How do you take care of you without causing shame or resentment in others? 



blackhuff said...

I had to learn how to keep myself from the chips and sweets my children eat, when the emotions run wild. They wouldn't understand if I told them not to have it out of my sight when I have days like these, so I had to learn how to keep myself from those food. It was hard but with proud I can say that I have conquered that.
I do agree with you. It is our responsibility to eat and buy the right kind of food - the healthy food. If we don't do it, no one else is going to do it for us.

Jane Cartelli said...

Even if I had someone to do it for me, I would wind up resenting them for keeping me from the foods I craved but could not have. Thank God for personal responsibility.