Sunday, May 15, 2011

Road Trip Day Eight - Mothers Day

We got up at 6AM. After packing we had breakfast at the hotel. I had my own oatmeal while Larry and Mom had waffles that I cooked for them at the hotels make-your-own waffle bar. This would be the last time I would make their breakfast on the trip because I was starting to feel the pull to eat what other's can have. This day would be the first day I would really feel myself struggling to remain willing to follow my own food plan. We left the hotel and drove to the Nevada/Arizona border near Lake Mead. The sky was overcast so no beautiful blue water to take a photo today. Bummer.

We drove to the Hoover Dam site. First we parked and Larry and I climbed the 65 steps to the new bridge that crosses in front of the dam. Since beginning my weight loss journey I have made it my goal to cross bridges on foot whenever possible. I have walked the Arlington Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge and now I have walked across from Tillman Memorial Bridge at Hoover Dam. For the first time I crossed a state line on foot!

The pedestrian view of Hoover Dam from this bridge is incredible. By car you cannot see anything at all (I know because Mom and I drove across this bridge on Day 6 and could not even see the damn Dam). After crossing back over and getting back into the car we were able to drive across the top of the actual dam twice before we continued on our journey.

Day 8 was a Sunday and this was Mother's Day. I gave my Mom a gift of adopting, in her name, a mountain lion at the Grand Canyon. The 'adoption' helps support and protect lion's in the park and around the area. My mom is a Leo and a lion lover. In the adoption Mom got a certificate of adoption and got to name her lion. She also had a choice of a hat or a plush lion. She chose the hat.

By 11:30AM we reached the birthplace of the famous US Route 66 and decided to stop for lunch. This was the town of Seligman, Arizona.  It was Mother's Day and we wanted to do something memorable at lunch for my mom so when we saw the name of the top restaurant in that area, we knew we had to take Mom to a place named "Roadkill Cafe." This amusing eatery had an amusing names for their food on the menu but did not really offer anything more unusual than buffalo meat. My Mom was adventurous and she did order the buffalo burger. I like buffalo - it makes a lean and tasty burger, but I had a BBQ beef sandwich (minus the bread) and some onion rings. After lunch we continued on to Scottsdale and got there around 4pm. Items retrieved, we drove south to Interstate 10.

I know we stopped for dinner but I do not remember where or what we had except that I must have been something quick and forgettable, unlike our lunch in the Roadkill Cafe.

We drove until around 11pm, stopping in a place called Willcox Arizona that night and left a 6am wake up call. If I had known what insane thing we were going to do in the next 36 hours I think I would have cancelled the wake up call . . . . 



Cenandra said...

Hang in there Jane! Vacations are tough to get through and once you allow yourself the break of your plan its hard to get back on. You can do it, I believe in you!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Awesome pictures! I've never been to the Hoover Dam, looks gorgeous!

Roadkill Cafe, LOVE the name!