Monday, May 2, 2011

Road Trip Days One & Two

Road Trip Day One~

  • Orlando to eastern Louisiana - 12 noon - 11pm (Central time)
  • 30 minute workout before leaving home
  • Lunch on the road and dinner at Cracker Barrel (grilled chicken salad - no cheese. Had 2 TB oil and vinegar dressing and side of green beans and 1 diet Pepsi. Snacks of  banana and Greek yogurt
  • Bin Laden has been found and killed. May the thousands of people he has murdered be resting in peace. 
  • It is Midnight now. I need sleep.

Road Trip Day Two~

  • Eastern Louisiana to San Antonio, Texas
  • Oh crap! At 4 am my mother is taking gibberish in her sleep and then snoring. I am awake from 4am until I get up at 6:30. I get a call from my mentor and we decide to let Mom live another day. I take a shower. We have breakfast and leave.
  • Opps! Victoria (my name for the talking GPS) insists we take a detour - adds 30 minutes to the trip today
  • Hey! I thought Baton Rouge was the last stop in Louisiana but there are like another 165 miles before Texas! I really should look at the map better next time. PS: Louisiana roads are boring. Maybe we find a new way to come home next week.
  • Rain so heavy for 1 hour I cannot see out the windows enough to get off the road. We drive toward the sunlight and are rewarded for the rest of the day
  • No work out today. Temperature has dropped sharply and I am dressed for 85 degrees not 60 degrees.
  • After following signs for 896 miles to a place called Buckee's I buy two souvenirs for my daughters I cold have gotten anywhere - but I am happy
  • Finally reach the Alamo. Mum and I still talking to each other - even though the other is not always listening. 
  • We are at the Alamo tonight. Great Mexican restaurant across from the hotel. Had a wonderful dinner without the cheese, sour cream or flour tortillas. 
  • Today my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy - Daniel Raphael! All is right with the world.

Tomorrow a real blog about keeping those pounds off and a report of day three. Will I finally get some sleep? Or is tomorrow the day I beat someone over the head and steal their cheese? 


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E. Jane said...

I love the way you are following your food plan in the midst of cheese, sour cream, tortillas, etc. Safe travels and happy trails!