Thursday, May 5, 2011

Road Trip Days Three and Four

I promised a real blog entry, with emphasis on keeping the pounds off while on the road and traveling with my mother. I have not had time to write and I want to give you an update so please forgive me for not being reflective, deep or in any way inspiring. I promise to write something resembling those ideals when I get back home next week. 

For now here is a continuation of our trip:

Day Three:
Wake up at 6am in San Antonio. Did we have breakfast at the hotel or on the road? I do not even remember anymore. Lunch? Yogurt and oatmeal and fruit at a rest stop. We drove all day through Texas and for the most part I was not impressed with the scenery the way I remember it from my childhood. One thing I loved was passing the wind mill field where hundreds of wind mills are gathering electricity. Very cool and spread over many miles on the tops of mountains and plateaus. We reach New Mexico and stop for the night in a place called Deming. Mom wanted Italian for dinner so we went to a local place. Mediocore food. I had a salad, a piece of chicken, 1 meatball and sauteed broccoli. I dipped the crust of the bread in EVOO but did not eat anything but the crust but the supposed EVOO was not really virginal so I skipped it. In the entire state of Texas they did not have Diet Pepsi or any other Pepsi along Interstate 10. It became a running joke between mom and me. Oh, next week remind me to tell you about all the suicidal deer on I-10 in Texas. 

Day Four:
We wake at 6am in Deming and make our way to Arizona. We stop at "The Thing" in Arizona. My parents first went there in 1966. It is a family tradition to joke about their road signs. We are plannin to reach my uncle's in Scottsdale by 9am but just before Phoenix Victoria died (the GPS). Now I did not know where to go - and there are NO signs for Scottsdale ANYWHERE on I-10, so when passed all the Phoenix exits and started to see signs for Los Angles . . . 

Luckily between my two daughters and their Internet connections and cell phone calls, I was able to find a Best Buy in Tempe, Arizona and continue on our way.  - The original Victoria is still under warentee and I will take that up with Garmin when I get home. Note to all: Paper maps are still good to have because technology is fickle. 
We shop at Whole Foods before arriving at my uncle's home. I buy corn tortilla, salsa, multiple fruits, dates and fig spread (no sugar added). Later I realize dates and fig spread are just gateway drugs to sweeter poison. They are a jumping off place. I feel I was trolling for sweet without realizing it. I got rid of the jar of fig spread and left the dates with family members. I will not buy them again. 

After a few hours chatting at Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary's we went off to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. When we returned to their home my uncle presented me with two of his paintings. Acutally, he let me pick from a series of four. I choose the two that reminded me of the scenery of Arizona. I have always loved Uncle Steve's artistic talent for painting and I feel so blessed to have my own example of his work coming into my home. 

Right now it is Day Five and it is not over yet. I will write about it tomorrow. I have not exercised and it is 100 degrees right now. Even too hot to swim. Thank God I am not overeating! For the moment I am still keeping the pounds off while enjoying my life one minute at a time. 



E. Jane said...

It's so good to hear from you as your move along on your journey. I had to chuckle a bit when you mentioned your GPS. We call ours "the lady." She is sometimes wrong, and we end up in the "darndest" places. But she is getting old and probably needs to retire.

Best wishes for continued safe travel and healthy food along the way. I know it is a challoenge, but it sounds like you're doing very well.

Lauren said...

You think maybe Victoria committed suicide in honor of Aunt Edna?
Anybody? No? Dust. I hope you didn't leave her wrapped in garbage bags in Phoenix.

Rory said...

At least it's not humid... I'm very jealous of that... work here, even at night, is like swimming in a sea of everybody's sweat!