Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Entenmann's Tasty Candles???

Last year Kleenex helped fatten their wallets by selling our ever increasingly obese population tissues in boxes representing delicious desserts. Their Decadent Dessert line received a blog-flogging from Keeping the Pounds Off last December. You can read those posts at Etu Kimberly-Clark and Kimberly-Clark Wants Another.  This summer the Entenmann’s Baking Company gets a blog flogging for marketing Entenmann’s Scented Candles: wicked candles in packaging resembling Entenmanns cakes and pastries. You an light these candles but they will not be burning any calories. They are not going to help you in keeping the pounds off.

Now, you many be a normal person (defined by me as someone who still has leftover, uneaten, Halloween candy in their home during any month that does not start with an “O.” You might be someone who can eat dessert today and not even think about having something sweet again for a week or more. Perhaps you can open a bag of chips, take one, two or three chips and forget the bag is in he cupboard until the chips are old and stale. I understand there are people like that in the world. I wish these candles were being marketed strictly to you.  But they are not. They are marketed to people like me: someone who never met a chocolate she didn’t like; someone who has not eaten ‘just one’ of any snack or dessert in her life; someone who as never knew ice cream could get “old.” 

 Now Entenmann's, famous for their mass produced cakes, cookies, danish and doughnuts has introduced a line of candles with the scent of their baked goods and packaged to resemble the baked product as it would appear  in your local store. 

I am not going to scream again about the corporate food giants who have no responsibility to protect us from ourselves; who, instead, work hard to suck us in to buy more and more. I am not going to lament the addition of this new 'delicious' product to the stuffed fake food market. I am simply going to make a suggestion:

If you have a problem with inappropriate amounts of food,
If the scent of walking into a bakery makes your mouth water,
If the smell of butter, chocolate, and brown sugar make you dizzy with anticipation
Avoid these products. That is all. The rest is up to you. 

How do you feel about non-edible products mimicking real food products? Do they help you in keeping the pounds off or do they ignite your appetite? 



bbubblyb said...

A few years ago I was on a msg board where a woman actually was working on testing herself and trying to condition herself to be able to be around her favorite foods. Say it was cake, she would have a piece of it on a pretty china plate that she kept in her cabinet, she would take it out, smell it, look at it, be with it, think of her old memories she had shared with it. But she wouldn't allow herself to eat it. This did seem like torture to me yet not once in the 2 yrs I was on that msg board did she ever eat one of her "tests". She stayed thin and she seemed to learn something from doing these experiments. She said she learned that she could have fond memories of her beloved foods, she could even go as far as to smell them, touch them, yet she didn't need to eat them. I doubt this could ever work for me but I do know at times I have been in similar situations with my favorite foods and I have tried to just allow myself to "enjoy the moment" of being with them yet not eating them. Now to actually put the food in my home, no I don't think I would ever do that to myself. But I will admit I love good smelling candles so the thought of buying one that smelled like cinnamon buns I don't think would affect me. But then I've never found the scent of a candle to trigger me to want to go out and buy something to eat even when it has smelled wonderful. My favorite candle though is the macintosh apple yankee candle so no harm could be done there even if I did indulge :) Thanks for the post though it does give plenty of thought to how marketing does try to make us gravitate to food at every turn.

Cenandra said...

Wow, I never heard of such a thing. I am glad I don't buy scented stuff! I for one can't imagine having a house that smells like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It takes every day not to give into my urges. Stay strong!!

Anonymous said...

I am a super smeller. Never ever would I purchase pastry scented candles. Not in my most masochistic moment. Of course I would not be purchasing pumpkin pie scented candles that they hawk during the holidays.

I wonder what possessed Entenmann's is doing moving into a non food items. I see a lawsuit in the making. How long before a baby or some nutter gobbles down the candle. They had better not be in the shape of a donut. It makes no scents. Har HAR! The anti marketing slogan busts upon the scenes at Keeping the Pounds OFF!

Jane Cartelli said...

The Entenmann's candles are not shaped or sculpted to resemble real food. You are right, that could be trouble. Luckily they did not go that far. There is a candle company that did do that but they are not food manufacturers.

In the interest of full disclosure: I do use candles that are food scented in my home at certain times but NOT scents that cause me to seek those foods. I use grapefruit for invigoration, apple or cucumber for relaxation, and coffee scented for no other reason than I love the smell of coffee.


RedPanda said...

I love coffee-scented candles! I first encountered them when we were on holiday interstate - they came in cute little demitasse cups. I loved them so much that I kept ordering refills, but sadly the coffee candle lady has gone out of business. To me, coffee smells like sophistication and luxury.

I now order soy candles from a crafty lady at work, and cycle through my favourite scents - rosewater, lemongrass, and "Australian Bush" - which actually does smell like the bush! Nothing triggering there.

But pasty-scented candles? No. How could those scents *not* trigger the desire to eat baked goods?

I read your earlier post about Kleenex tissues. I initially smiled at the picture of the chocolate-cake tissue box, because I like visual puns, but then I became angry at the cynicsm. Those boxes were either saying, "Hey Fatty, we know you're obsessed with cake, so you'll like these tissues!" or "Hey Lady - you know you can't actually eat a big piece of chocolate cake, so we'll let you look at one instead". Cynical and... kind of weird.

Jane Cartelli said...

My thought exactly. What's next? Doughnut shop toilet tissue? Perhaps soaps that look like scoops of ice cream. They will market it as "Make your own Sundae bath . .. "


ufchot.chick said...

I think this is brilliant by Entenmann's and I see Cinnabon has done the same now with candles, I love the smell of baked apple pie, cinnamon crumb cake, all the good sweets, especially around the holidays, it makes the home feel so warm and inviting, My sister told me to get a candle scented like baked goods, years ago when I was showing my home to potential buyers, My dad was my Realtor and said I was asking too much for the home, after I did the candle and my home smelled like grandma had been baking all day...I had 2 offers that very day for the full asking price! Genius!!

Jane Cartelli said...

The fresh scents of apples and cinnamon always sell a home. That is terrific for you!

I enjoy the scents of the candles too. However, if the scent of candles that smell like butter cookies lead me to crave or worse -EAT butter cookies to excess - I would rather burn pine and holly scents.

Thank you all for commenting!