Friday, June 24, 2011

For the taste of a brownie. . . .

This is why I am not eating compulsively today, no matter what.  I share it here in hopes it can help someone else. You can copy it, post it, share it or leave it here. It is entirely up to you. If it helps you for even one day I hope you will let me know. ~

For the taste of a brownie on Monday,
~the willingness was lost

For the box of brownies that same evening,
~the day was lost

For the inability to stay away from a bakery on Tuesday,
~ the week was lost

For the next week spent in sugar, chocolate and flour,
 ~ any semblance of recovery was lost

For the month fighting the cravings and losing the battle again and again,
~ the new clothes were tossed

For the months regaining pound after pound,
~all self esteem and hope was lost

For the inflammation caused by months of high blood sugar and dietary fats
~a healthy body was lost

For that first bite of the brownie
~a life was lost

Love, Jane~


E. Jane said...

These are words for a compulsive overeater to live by. I am going to copy this and post it where I can see it on a daily basis. I need to be reminded of what has happened to me so many times. Thanks, Jane.

BrendaKaye said...

This is really good. I may borrow or link to this also. Thank you for posting it!

Jane Cartelli said...

I believe anyone can link back to it and I welcome the opportunity to share.


Anonymous said...

I am printing this out and pasting it to the inside of my food journal. I often need recentering. WHY am I doing this - OH YEAH!

Love it.

Jane Cartelli said...

I need constant reminding. The great thing is that reminding and acceptance works!


Anonymous said...

Jane, I used your brownie post in a post on my blog and linked back to you. Thank you for the inspiration. I was looking for a way to write about my binge spiral and then I read this last night and it hit me. Thank you.

If you would like to have a peek:

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Great, great post and wonderful use of imagery!! The best part - it's all true.

David C. said...

I never thought I would choose a brownie over relationship with God, and with others. I know better now. Likewise, I do not choose the brownie today.

Kudos, Jane! -David =)

Rosana Hart said...

I too used this quote, ending an article about what I've learned from your site with the verse as a somber reminder of the importance of what we are doing.

Here's my article: