Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Perfectionism Part I

Sometimes when you reach a jumping off place you have to make a decision to either stay where you are or make a leap of faith. Today I am leaping off to discuss something that is going to cause me to stretch and grow as a person - a person who does not numb herself with food when faced with uncomfortable feelings. Here it goes:

I am human! I am a wonderfully flawed child of my Creator, not at all perfect and that is okay because God has other plans for me. They are all beautiful and good. I accept this, don't I? Sometimes it does not feel that way. Additionally, while I am not required to be perfect, I still expect perfection from others as it relates to my needs and wants. This reeks of selfishness, fear and self-seeking. I have a lot of work to do. 

Wow, it feels great to say it, write it and even to share it. Now I have to follow through and do the work that will help me let go of this attitude of entitlement to an imaginary perfect life. 



Lauren said...

"...I still expect perfection from others as it relates to my needs and wants."

I'm glad you're realizing this on your way here. Because I'm not dropping 150 pounds in 2 days. Just FYI. :) I love you!!!!

Lauren said...

And, before you can get mad at me for saying that, I know that you don't expect me to do something so ridiculous. I know even better that YOU know that my journey is not just slow-going, it's stalled underground with no phone reception. But when you write things like this, it makes me feel a little better.

Oh, you should know though, I'm not cleaning my stove for you. I tried scrubbing it, and it's gonna take some industrial strength cleaner so... enjoy imperfection. :)

Jane Cartelli said...

I will practice acceptance of imperfection and NOT clean your stove for you. LOL

Cenandra said...

You are so right we aren't perfect that is why God sent His Son to die for us. He knows we aren't perfect and need His help.

Jane Cartelli said...

We (I) need it over and over and over again!