Thursday, June 2, 2011

Time for a Change?

There is a new recipe up for you to try on the Keeping the Pounds Off Recipe page. This recipe is for Chicken Enchilada Lasagna Verde. Corn tortilla instead of pasta. Tomatillo salsa instead of tomato sauce and Mexican seasonings instead of Italian - a different sort of lasagna. This version is made with fat free refried beans, fat free ricotta and a non-dairy cheddar but you can use a low fat cheddar or even a part skim mozzarella if you choose. If you do not like tomatillo you can use a mild or medium salsa. Take what you like and adapt it to your eating plan.

This will be my last recipe that uses corn, tortilla, beans or any other starch ingredients for a while. I am getting prepared to try something different in my food plan. I have reached the point where I need to either change what I am doing or accept that I am done losing weight. I have been close to this same weight for two years now. I have kept off 210 pounds. Maybe this is where I am supposed to be maybe I am supposed to lose another 25 pounds. I do not know the answer today. I only know I am open to considering a change to see if I can lose the last 15-25 lbs. 

and the Award goes to: My Brain!
The neighborhood inside my head is a dangerous place; I have to remember never to walk there alone.  I try not to assume to know what is best for me all the time. My best thinking once got me to 385 lbs. Therefore I do not make changes in my food plan lightly. I seek out advice and the wisdom of others.  I will discuss this more in the coming days. I am sharing it with the people in my support circle, my mentor, and my family over this next week and of course I will share it here. When and if I feel I am not setting myself up for trouble, I will proceed.

How do you validate the decisions you choose to make in your food program? Do you listen to and consider the wisdom and experience of others or are you traveling alone in a dangerous neighborhood?



Diane Fit to the Finish said...

When I was trying to lose the last few pounds, I found that absolute attention to food and lots of extra exercise helped me. As I've gotten older, I probably eat less carbs than I used to, and definitely less processed foods. I hope you find just the right combination for yourself.

Jane Cartelli said...

Did you find the last pounds to be the toughest?


Cenandra said...

For me I lost all my weight fairly quickly and easily. Eating what Nutrisystem told me to eat. I tried to stick with the same concept when I went on maintenance, but that gets old after a few years. I've been looser in my eating. For example, my husband and I go out to eat 2 times a week sometimes more and that is bad. We all know it isn't healthy food at restaurants even if we try our hardest.

I feel lost because the foods that worked for me, don't really work for me anymore.

Trying something new can put a jump start to the body and you start to lose weight again. I'm here with you Jane!