Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baby Showers Bring Sugar, Fat and Flour

I went to a baby shower yesterday and had a great time. This was a co-ed affair and I was delighted to have my husband with me. We were the only two people at the shower over 40 years old and the only ones who did not speak Italian. We had a great time speaking with all the guests who spoke some English. We met people not only from Italy but also from France, Iran and Spain. I spent a great deal of time speaking with a friendly woman from Italy (a research scientist in the US to study oranges), who has only been in this country for 4 weeks.  She had learned from the hostess that I do not eat milk fat or sugar and wanted to share with me that she abstains from those foods also. She was probably 27 years of age,  tall, thin and in very good physical shape. I wanted to feed her a cannoli because I felt so fat and old next to her. Luckily I really enjoyed her company so I resisted the urge to fatten her up and turned instead to enjoying the whole picture of the day.

The food was gloriously authentic Italian. Most everything had cheese, sugar or some kind of wheat. What was I going to eat? The very thoughtful hostess had made for Jana and myself a lasagna without cheese. She created a béchamel sauce using skim milk which she used in  place of the cheese. I do not eat the lasagna noodles but I could eat the béchamel, tomato and sausage filling. I could have chicken cutlets, peepers and olives. I had fresh tomato and basil without cheese. I enjoyed some eggs stuffed with tuna and anchovy and mayo. There were fresh fruit kabobs for those of us who choose not to indulge in the seven beautiful desserts. At the end of the party the hostess and her husband tried to get everyone to take home the leftovers so they would not (over)eat them. Amen, I know the feeling. (I did not take any home). 

I was able to eat sanely and maintain my plan of eating. I did not attempt to excuse myself from my daily plan in order to indulge in foods that could continue to call to me for days and weeks afterwards. What a difference in behavior this is from the last time I attended a baby shower several years ago and ate for two (or three). 

Now deep into Independence Day weekend I am looking forward to watching 1776 tomorrow and shopping for two new dresses with a special coupon I got at JCP. My only nod to traditional 'holiday' cuisine is a hot dog for dinner and perhaps a sugar free red jello with blueberries and plain yogurt. I think we will sneak a visit to one of the attractions just to do something different on the holiday that does not involve lengthy travel.

All celebrations should be about more than the food, I hope you are having a wonderfully fulfilling holiday weekend and that the showers in your life are happy ones.



Jacqui said...

I had to laugh at your comment about wanting to feed her a cannoli! You could be Italian! My inlaws are Italian, my hubby first generation Canadian, so I do know about all that lovely Italian food!

My MIL is always concerned that I don't eat enough when at their house, though after 10 years, she is finally accepting it a bit more. But, seriously? I obviously will not die from not eating enough. I have plenty of fat for my body to live off of!

The lasagna sounds awesome! I make a pumpkin/sausage/béchamel lasagna that is killer! I have replaced the noodles with slices of zucchini, and use no cheese. It's awesome! Now that I'm trying to stay away from more dairy, I want to try it with plain almond milk for the béchamel and see how it goes.

Glad you had a good time.. and great job staying on plan! And yay for a hostess that was kind enough to make a special lasagna for you!

Jane Cartelli said...

I replace the noodles with eggplant but I LOVE your suggestion to try zucchini. Thank you. I will keep that in mind.

Why are you staying away from dairy? I ask because I love dairy but do not have any milk fat. This keeps me in FF ricotta, FF feta, FF Greek Yogurt and skim milk. I cannot have almond milk, rice milk or soy milk. (gas and bloating)


Jacqui said...

oh, I LOVE dairy.. of any kind! however, my doctor wants me to stay away for a couple months, as there is some research that it helps heal your gut when you have a gluten intolerance. So, along with giving up gluten, I'm supposed to really limit (ideally, eliminate) dairy for a couple of months. Luckily, almond milk works great for me.

My MIL makes this awesome zucchini lasagna, but unfortunately it's filled with cheese.. but that's where I got the idea of using the zucchini noodles.

Anonymous said...

I love that you went and enjoyed yourself. I always feel a bit of resentment having to attend these things because I know it will be difficult.

Not eating all the things on your list. MAN. It is hard to do given everything folks eat these days is carbo loaded. And generally not the healthy carbos.

LOVELY fruit dish. I am going to do that next year!