Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Message is Loud and Clear

Today the message I am sharing is persistence. Where would I be today if every time I was imperfect in my recovery I used that excuse as a reason to pick up food as a crutch? What if I allowed others to judge me in my recovery and too offense, instead of accepting that people who did so were merely sick in their own way and should perhaps be kept in 'quarantine' until I was not in danger from their negative germs. What if I allowed hurt feelings to take me away from the guiding forces in my recovery program long enough to miss the call to the emotional, physical and spiritual healing I have received? 

Persistence is a key in keeping the pounds off today. The disease of food addiction is also fluent in the language of persistence but today the volume of my recovery is loud and the volume of this disease is becoming a barely audible whisper.

Are you listening to the right messages? 



Anonymous said...

Really good question.

Sometimes I am so hypersensitive to anyone or anything trying to get me off track - even people I KNOW want me to lose the weight. One false move or comment and I wall them off in amber.

Maybe it is because I am often fragile and vulnerable to the ideas of the other side (as I have been calling it). They say to me that it is "OK to have... name the food/drink item" "I have to live".

I get angry. Why? Because I am afraid that I will do it and fall off? Because I think they are rotten saboteurs? Because I am tired of dieting and want to revert? All three? Other reasons?

Oh my inner voice of addiction is loud and SO ANNOYING. I long for strength and for the volume to go down. I would settle for conversation level.

Jane Cartelli said...

Keep hanging in there. It does come and then when it does the sound that replaces the annoying obsession in our heads is amazing.


Vickie said...

One the things I see (on a very regular basis) is this type of thing in comments on blogs where the blogger is really struggling.

I will not list all the 'nonfoods' I have seen recommended in comments. I will not list all the high sugar items (things that are actual food, but we can't eat) I have also seen recommended. The most recent was a list of fruits to be added to salad and salad dressing to make the vegetables more appealing. The commenter obviously does this them self and was looking for a 'partner' (in my opinion).

REALLY destressing these commenters do not understand this is really dsitructive behavior. And do not understand they are looking for codependency and enabling and putting someone else in jeopardy with their words. said...

This is a really poignant post. If you stay down when you fall, you'll never reach your goals.

Jane Cartelli said...

Sarah - That is why I write. To keep reminding -people there is a way out and it is NOT by staying where they are.

Vicki - I agree. The last thing I need is someone to encourage me that one bite is fine! On the other hand, until someone comes to that realization no one else can lead them there.


Julie said...

Reading blogs such as this and Vickie's is part of my listening to the right messages. There are other craft-related blogs I follow but when they go off the topic and on to weight loss and food I have to stop reading. There is too much enabling going on and I start to think well maybe one (insert non-food of choice) or a `cheat day' or whatever would be ok - yeah right, let me reflect on how well that has worked for me in the past!!! NOT. I was recently reading a parenting blog on the subject of getting children to eat vegetables and I was honestly shocked to the core at some of the suggestions. I may not have set a good example to my children when they were growing but these suggestions were truly horrific in terms of what they would do to the health of the children. We do absorb so many messages from what we read and watch and those with whom we spend time I firmly believe we need to be as vigilant with ourselves as we would with young children as far as what we see, hear and with whom we associate. My mother used to say if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas - if we allow the wrong messages to bombard us, whether from sabatours masquerading as family or friends, advertising or people looking for enablers we risk absorbing their messages even when we think we are immune.

Jane Cartelli said...

IF WE ARE TO SUCCESSFULLY MAINTAIN EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS we have to acuire the behavior of selective chosing. Just as we have to be selective with our food we also must be selective with our behavios, the people we interact with, the places we hang out and the blogs where we bring our brains. Sometimes I can handle a buffet and some days I cannot. I have to make a choice. The same goes for blogs that like to bring foods and recipes to the main page. Some days I can handle food porn and others I cannot. If I am not sure then I cannot handle it today -period.