Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Snack-Less Days

My normal food plan each day includes three meals and up to three snacks. For sseveral reasons (yet to be completely understood) I have not had a snack in five days. I do not believe I am eating much less than normal, maybe only about 100-150 calories less. The change is probably due to a hectic schedule. Last Thursday I traveled to Nashville and was in business meetings for the next three days. But then yesterday I worked from 8:00AM until 7:00PM producing three events for my clients at the parks and did not bring a snack or seek one. I had my lunch and that was it until dinner at home.

I talked with my mentor about this and we do not see anything troublesome with this behavior. I was asked if I plan to keep my plan to three meals a day without snacks from this point on. Or, do I think that I should have set meals and times and stick with them no matter what (baring physical illness).  I have thought about these two ideas on and off today. 

I truly believe it is better for my metabolism to have my meals broken up into four or five a day. On the other hand, changing to three meals a day for a few days because of a change in schedule did not cause any short term harm. One thing I do know: A few days eating less food didn't kill me. It even helped me to think less about food and more about what other things I had before me to do these past five days. 

Any changes in your food this past week you want to share? 



Cenandra said...

I don't think it matters, but one thing I have not divied from since Nutrisystem days is the eat 6 x a day. I believe its best for my blood sugar and the success of my weight management. The problem becomes when I still eat this many and increase my calories at a meal. :o

Jane Cartelli said...

So true! That is a big danger and it is so easy to do it without realizing it. This is one of the reasons weigh, measure and write it all down. If I can account for what I put into my mouth I can make sense of the results.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

I think it's great that your body is adapting to not depending on those snacks each day. I can imagine, though, that it could be concerning to not eat when you normally would, thinking that it could possibly lead to a binge, because they body thinks it has been 'deprived'?

I have ALWAYS had a problem with not being hungry in the mornings. If I eat breakfast, as most say is a MUST, that triggers my appetite to want to go full on, non-stop, eating the rest of the day. I don't know why I am this way, but I think (in this instance) I need to listen to my body and just eat a good lunch, supper and a snack before bed. All nutritious foods of course, nothing that will lead to a binge.

I think if I can accept that not eating breakfast is "OK", I can let go of that guilt (yes I am plagued with it!) about not doing it the "right way". Gosh, I hope that makes some kind of sense! ;o)

Thanks for listening!


Jane Cartelli said...

I hope you will let go of that guilt. Think of the people who work nights and have to have a different type of breakfast. I could be our lunch. So if you are having lunch and dinner perhaps that nightly snack is your 'breakfast.'

IF it works for you to not have breakfast (and by working I mean you are not bingeing, not eating your addictive foods and are finding progress in working toward your weight loss goal) - then I say GOOD FOR YOU! Do what WORKS.


Julie said...

I have had a similar experience this week - I was having a snack in the morning and on Monday realised I hadn't thought about it when it got to lunch time. I was curious and found the same thing again on Tuesday. I haven't seen any other changes in my food - no desire for trigger foods, binging etc - so am happy to think I can let that go. I increased my exercise in the past few weeks so it seems a strange coincidence. However, happy with it. If I find I need it again (if I find myself wanting more at lunch or later in the day) I will add it back in. I am constantly looking to improve the carb/protien/fat balance of what I eat. I have recently added a teaspoon of olive oil to breakfast and lunch and wonder if that has impacted. Such an interesting experiment isn't it? I love that I am aware of what I am doing and taking notice. So much more satisfying than stuffing everything down with junk food!

Jane Cartelli said...

I agree, it is interesting. Anything that does not lead me back into the insanity of food addiction is interesting and fun and gives me a new passion in my life. Let me know how the olive oil is working for you.