Monday, August 15, 2011

Auto Club or Suicide Hotline

You have just eaten breakfast. You grab your keys and leave your home to start a very busy day.  Then you find your car has a flat tire and your spare is missing. The Auto Club says it will be about an hour's wait. Do you . . .
  • re-schedule a medical appointment and handle some work issues over the phone while waiting for the tire to be fixed. 
  • rant about the wait and eat 3 doughnuts and half your lunch while calling your mother and complaining about who is at fault for where your life is today. 

Which person are you? Do you live in the problem and become a poster child for the suicide prevention hot-line or will you live in the solution and do the things that will make your day proceed in a healthy way? 

While keeping the pounds off I have had my fair share of situations that changed my plans. Every one of these have been opportunities for me to grow as a person - or grow in pounds. When I stopped, accepted the situation and adjusted my thinking to keep my serenity I have experienced a good outcome. Any time I barged ahead with feelings of entitlement to have the day as I wanted it I have had less than desirable experiences. 

It is not always easy to make the better choice.  But I have never made the right choice and regretted it later.

Which person will you be today?



Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Very well said. The right choices are ones I rarely regret - both in weight loss and in life.

Anonymous said...

Ah entitlement. Glad to see that topic come up. You are bound for a life of frustration if you have that at the base of everything. But those who have a sense of entitlement rarely feel like suicide. Murder maybe. it is never them. (Or me - if I am feeling entitled).

I am breaking a knee-jerk feeling of sometimes saying to myself "I deserve cake". Actually there is no equation between my life and cake that equals life working for me.

ravengal said...

I just discovered your blog today. You seem to have a unique window into the way MY mind works! I have 99 pounds to lose and know that weight loss is primarly a mental battle.

Jane Cartelli said...

Munchie-(is that nickname okay?
I have a whole entitlement post in the work for future date. I agree on the no-suicide/entitlement connection, it was more to show the dramatic difference in the way we respond to mild crises. Did you ever see the crazy things people call 911 for?

Ravengal -
Welcome! I hope you will be back again. Trust me, we are not alone on this journey. We all share a common bond.


Anonymous said...

Of course Munchie works for me!

I enjoy listening to crazy 911 tapes and I share the callers outrage at not receiving the requested extra pickles on the McDonalds burger!

Looking forward to your entitlement post. As I do all your posts.

Julie said...

This reminds me of your `director' post a few days ago. I am not in control of the world or anyone else in it. In fact the only thing I can control is my behaviour and how I react to other people and to situations. I did not choose to drive to another town today for a short-notice meeting, I did not choose for that meeting to conflict with the meal plan and times I had made for today, I did not choose for our work colleague to pass away suddenly at the weekend hence the rapidly organised meeting. I did, however, chose to quickly change what I planned for breakfast from oats which needed to be cooked to a measured amount of cheese which was readily available in the break room fridge, I chose to focus on the loss our friend's family is struggling to come to terms with instead of how sad I was and how *insert high fat/sugar snack name here* would make me feel better, I choose to drink plenty of water and wait until I got back to my office to eat the healthy lunch I packed this morning even though my meal was delayed by several hours from my original plan. I was able to calmly articulate how I felt about the poor way our management handled matters around this situation and feel ok, not like I had to run for (food) cover and stuff my feelings down with ice cream and cookies. And now as the day ends? I feel sad but I DO NOT feel overstuffed, sleepy or sick from eating junk or just too much of anything. I have felt feelings and talked about them appropriately. I have a beauticians appointment after work for treatment that will make me feel fussed over and soothed. This is the choices I make today and I thank God that I make ones that serve me today, choices that strengthen me as person not ones that strengthen my addiction.

Julie said...

Whoa, apologies for the grammar, my comment was typed quickly and clearly not properly edited :(

THESE are the choices I make today ....

Jane Cartelli said...

This is a powerful example of your willingness to do seek the healthy road away from the addiction. Kudos!


Vickie said...

you wrote: It is not always easy to make the better choice. But I have never made the right choice and regretted it later.

gem of a line.

I added it to my side bar collection. Good post. you are exactly right. if we walk around looking for an excuse, we will find them, dozens of them, every day. And we will feel really bad about ourselves and our life. It is a death spiral. Looking for opportunities, looking for grace, looking for positive solutions is the answer for US. We have to get out of our own way and give ourselves a chance.

Jane Cartelli said...

Vickie -
Thank you for the compliment. I am over excuses. Somedays it is my excuses I am over and some days I want to smack other people on the head for their continued excuses. Time for me to practice some acceptance.


RedPanda said...

Fantastic post and comments!

But it is wrong that I laughed at the photo of the mug?