Thursday, August 11, 2011

Butter for the Big Boys

The State Fairs around our increasingly obese nation are touting a snack sure to make your mouth water, your hands get greasy and cardiologist sob. I am referring to

Did Paula Deen have anything to do with this? No, it appears to have been born in Texas (although Iowa is claiming it and so is Wisconsin. It is sold from carts and stands to crowds, some of who have, for decades, been eating deep fried Twinkies, Oreos, Snickers, cheese and of course, corn dogs. Vendors make no claim that this is a healthy food. In fact, they advertise it for all the heart-stopping, deathly properties they can, using names such as 'Heart Stopper' and 'Triple Bypass.' 

I remember when we went to the fair to go on the rides, see the 4-H entries, check out the pie contest and enjoy the music. When did going to the fair become an opportunity to die in a blaze of buttery arterial congestion? 

Deep fried butter comes in balls, in pats, in sticks. It comes in flavors like garlic, grape jelly and brown sugar-cinnamon. 

Holy Butter Balls Batman!

Anyone want to go on a trip to Iowa and pay to bite into deep fried butter? Would that be Paula Deen Heaven or Weight Watcher Hell?

You can even get a hat to proclaim your appreciation for Deep Fried Butter.  I wonder if they will make a shroud to match?

I do not eat butter anymore and I thank God that I don't because I would run, not walk, to try a few of these and then, when I woke up in the Cath Lab having my arteries ballooned, I know I would think  "but I haven't tried the cherry yet. . . . "  

Please read the text on this poster! 
Even knowing this could kill me did not stop me when I was struggling with active food addiction: trying to have 'just one.' I can honestly say I am grateful to be free of the first bite today and I sincerely hope you will help me to remain free of the desire to jump in tomorrow. What are you grateful to be free of today?



Jacqui said...

they had this in Toronto last year.. this year I heard the newest craze is deep fried koolade. Not sure how that works.. but yuck! Luckily for me, fried foods have never been an issue.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I heard about this! Yuck. I'm grateful to be free of wearing ugly jumpers because nothing else fit.

Jane Cartelli said...

Jacqui - they also have deep fried Coke - freaky.

Diane - My jumpers got uglier when I added the butter stains! I am grateful to be free of stained clothes!


Anonymous said...

I am still eating butter. Granted at about 1/100th the quantity.

I do not get the lure of deep fried butter. That is disgusting.

That said - our county fair had deep fried onion ring wads that were dripping with oil. The line for that glop was wrapped around the rodeo ring.

I am grateful to be free of the impositions I made on myself as the "great cook". It turns out people still like me if I come to the door with something store bought or healthy and maybe my husband will be around a little longer because I am loading him down with fat laden food. Turns out I am sort of "eh" on making complicated meals. Simple and healthy is just fine.

Julie said...

Right now I am grateful to be free of the first bite. To be free of the compulsion to look for something to snack on while making my breakfast, to be free of the compulsion to eat the cookies in the break room just because they are there, not to hide those cookies in my drawer and then ditch the wrappers in an outside bin so no one would know how many I had eaten, free of having the inside leg seam of all my pants in tatters because of the rubbing on the fabric when I walked, free from having to buy any clothing that fitted (or at least covered my bulk) regardless of what it looked like, free from experimenting with jewellery and accessories to `draw the eye' away from my size (there were not enought scarfs or necklaces in the world for the feat!) now when I wear I a hairclip or earrings it is to complete an outfit not distract from it.

Thank you Jane for encouraging me to stop for a moment and reflect on how many things I have to be grateful right now.

Jane Cartelli said...

Thank you for your list of things to be grateful for. I, too and grateful to no longer have a fire between my thighs due to friction. Now I have pants that last and last and last.

You mean the scarves and necklaces didn't work? Damn, I really thought I could hide a few hundred pounds behind my fake-Hermes scarf. LOL!


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Ugh, I had not heard of deep fried butter! Wow! We weren't planning to go to the state fair this year but my son just won 4 tickets to the State Fair today at the library. Yea. Not. I'll be avoiding the deep fried items. :-)

Thank you for your comment about avoiding wheat and soy, I guess I really don't know the difference from gluten and wheat, I thought it was the same? I'm still trying to figure this out but hopefully it will work! I can clear a room too! :-)

Jane Cartelli said...

Soy, ugh. . .

The situation is 500% better without the soy. I have not caused my family to have tears and breathing problems in many months now.

Even canned tuna has soy - I had to which to Italian tuna in oil - the only one I can find without soy.

I still have soy sauce but that is all.


Vickie said...

I do get the lure of deep fried, but can't imagine eating this even at my 'worst' food times.

My extended families were big into 4H so my childhood involved not only the local fair grounds but also the state fairgrounds.

I do not remember there even being a junk food alley.

I remember eating at the women's group tent. I remember eating dinner there. I remember things like chicken and mashed potatoes and green beans. And homemade pie. Not choices I can make now. But these things were actual dinner in that time frame.

Jane Cartelli said...

What is scary to me is that I can imagine it. Just sharing that thought if freeing and it reminds me why I cannot intuitively eat - cravings for butter will always lead me wrong.