Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cause and Affect - or is it Effect?

"Some primal termite knocked on wood,
tasted it, and found it good. 
And that is why your Cousin May 
fell through the parlor floor today.''

---Ogden Nash
One day they mixed peanut butter
and chocolate into a candy
and that is why today I have
an excessively large fanny

Chips come in all flavors,
in noisy bags of seven portions
and this is why my sleep is
interrupted by intestinal contortions

When they invented Soda, Pop
and High Fructose Corn Syrup
My thighs became connected
and my jeans were doomed to rip

But it is solely MY hand
that brings food to my face
So who is responsible
for the dimensions of my waist?

---Jane Cartelli

I am not to blame for my addiction to food. It is an illness - a disease. However, from the moment I comprehended  I have an addiction and that this IS a disease, I became responsible for how I care for my body. It does not matter what caused the addiction. What matters is that there are proven, workable methods of recovery from the disease of food addiction and they are freely available to me every moment of every day. I only need to honestly accept that I have to do what works and then DO IT. 

It surely is funny, 
I say in confession
when I put down the substance: 
I lost the obsession.
Now, I do what's required 
to prevent a regression


Anonymous said...

Yep. You are responsible.

" Now, I do what I need to prevent a regression"
Yep. Stick to your plan Jane.

Jane Cartelli said...

We stick together in recovery!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

I'm realizing it more and more every day that I have an addiction to food. Even though I have posted here in the past and said I had realized it, I didn't stick to the plan that I know will work for me (I had lost like 8-9 pounds in about two weeks!). I guess, I am trying to mull it over in my head, and "make sure" this is the right thing for me. Hmmm, sounds like a bit of denial. UGH!

I am a BIG time black/white thinker. I can work some shades of grey in there at times, depending on the situation.

One biggie with me and 'diets', or Ways of Eating, is that if I don't follow it to a "t", I feel like a failure, or I am letting the writer of the diet down (totally crazy, I know!). So, then I am off to find a new diet that might work. And so it continues...

There are aspects of the food addict's diet that I think are great for me, but there are a few which I think will cause me to binge. So, in my head, I know I like the idea of this type of diet, but those foods that are 'allowable', I don't think I should be eating!

So, do YOU do what works for YOU, or what the "guidelines" say you should do? Would you suggest to use the guidelines at first, and eliminate foods if necessary? Can I eat foods that aren't on their plan, as long as they don't cause me a binge?

Ah, gosh, I appologize if I went overboard with the questions!! But I appreciate any input you have!

LOVE the poems!! I hope I lose the obsession after putting the foods down. I swear, I think about them more. Maybe those thoughts will fade away after a while on the plan?



Jane Cartelli said...

I balked at every guideline ever given to me. You know what they say about marching to the tune of a different drummer? That is what I call it. Of course my mentor calls me what I really, honestly am: STUBBORN & DEFIANT!

I put down so much of what I was 'told' was the problem and I still had food obsession. It wasn't until I realized that I had a addiction to something else - milkfat - that I lost the obsession completely. Of course then, to 'show them' that I was right and that sugar was not the problem, I picked it back up only to find (damn) that sugar could still make me crazy. I did not only have to give up A and B, I had to give up C.
And once I stopped whining about it to myself I started to get better and stopped wanting the foods that were only going to make me crazy.
Now how crazy is a disease when what makes you SICK is exactly what you want????

Thank God that there is a solution!


Vickie said...

Very cute poems. Enjoyed them very much.

There are two parts of this for me

one is that when we didn't know, we didn't know

then there is the part that when we knew, we did better.

It has to do with not staring backwards (regret), but accepting and moving forward with our focus and choices and life.