Monday, August 29, 2011

No More Monday BullS#!&

 On Sunday I read on another blog that someone was starting over again on Monday. (I will not repeat the foods she then listed for her Sunday dinner). One of her supporters commented 

". . . .so excited to see you are starting again this Monday... awesome.. Every time we start.. we get that much closer to where we want to be.. "

Um, actually every time you start again on Monday (when it is still Sunday) you have already set yourself up to fail. As to the comment "every time we start.. we get that much closer to where we want to be.. " I suggest that every time you plan to start on Monday you have just that much closer to starting again the next Monday, and so on. 

Another supporter commented: "Oh. My. God. You're making pineapple upside down cake? I have been craving pineapple upside down cake. I'm so going to make a pineapple upside down cake! (Or maybe I should just have some breakfast first...)"

Someone reads about a cake on a WEIGHT LOSS blog (that is supposedly offering people a way to succeed and this inspires you to make the cake?? Of course you will do more than make that cake - you will also eat the cake). This is a train wreck and I AM GOING TO LOOK AWAY.

Think about bulls and red flags. There is a reason something is called a red flag. WARNING! Bull to follow can hurt you! I cannot watch/read the enabling any more. Even better, I do not have to. One less-than-inspirational blog to drop - there are many healthier ones waiting to be read. 

I am done with the Monday Morning Bullshit. 

Do you follow bloggers to be inspired to succeed or to have someone to binge with in cyber space? What you do want in a blog? 



Fatoutofskinny said...

I chose to be inspired

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

I cringed also when I saw the pineapple upside down cake reference. I was thinking, "How does that help anyone? How does that help ANYONE who needs to get well???"

I did cringe. I felt bad. I did not comment at all, cause I was afraid I'd say something too pointed. I just prayed that Monday's new start would stick and stick hard...for life. I like this person and wish them well. I keep the faith that this Monday is the last FRESH START Monday. :)

No one who is in an out of control phase of their eating life should be baking cake. Sounds harsh, but that's how I feel. Someone who isn't tempted by cake or is in total control and doing fine and can handle a moderate very small slice, okay, I can see that. Not someone in binge-mode.

Oh, well. I keep praying and hoping Cause I want us all to succeed and get well.

bbubblyb said...

I feel for the person you are talking about. I know in my weight loss journey I have stumbled along the way to where I am, I still find myself stumbling at times. I think the whole "start Monday" thing is a diet mentality when I really do think of this as my life now, just the way things are, not something I will "restart" on Monday. I do follow bloggers for inspiration but I also follow bloggers I can identify with when my head isn't always in the right place. I hope that in time we all can find that right balance, "peace with food" as I call it on a constant all the time basis. It's not always easy.

Lisa said...

Although it may seem fake, I always comment on people's posts like this that "tomorrow is a new day" etc etc...start over, make better choices, etc. Secretly I shake my head because falling into that "My diet starts Monday" crap doesn't do any good. These changes have to be lifestyle changes that are every single day of the week.

That doesn't mean we can't have fun, or splurge, but binging on weekends and starting "the diet" on Mondays is just setting us up for failure.

Anonymous said...

If I saw that week after week and it were just a tralala thing they were not trying to fix or were not agnizing over and I was familiar with them. I'd probably call them on it. She might have been better off posting Monday. BUT I understand the feeling or notion or habit (call it what you will) of binging before you start. Do I think it is a great idea? NO. But then again I SHOULD be exercising daily. I don't. Sometimes I agonize over it, sometimes I laugh at myself, sometimes I try to treat myself, sometimes I exercise. But it is my blog. I write what I feel - reader be damned. I promised myself from day one to write for myself. I only feel censored (self) when I feel snotty, but do not write about it. I do that for myself so I won't perpetuate it. Maybe that woman would benefit from that. Maybe she is just working it all out.

What do I look for? All sorts of things. I want to read about people who have had success. I want to read about people like me. I want to read enjoyable writing and original thoughts and common thoughts. I do not want to read a list of what the person ate day after day and how many calories they burned spinning. Some love that. Lots in fact. It is a mystery to me.

RedPanda said...

Oh gee - that attitude is so sad, and predictable, and common in the blogosphere and weight loss forums. I just can't read stuff like that anymore.

I've never eaten pineapple upside down cake, and I doubt I'd like it. But even if I wanted some, I'd never bake one because I don't stock the ingredients. My hubby does all the cooking and if I begged him to bake a pineapple upside down cake, he'd look at me like I was a crazy person. Hmmm... he's in charge of the kitchen for a reason!

I like to read blogs of like-minded people, and people I admire, such as personal trainers who provide good ideas for workouts. We need commonality and inspiration, not negativity!

Julie said...

I read blogs to be inspired/encouraged. The good thing is I can do, as you did, and stop checking in with one if it descends into a train wreck. However, I totally get that people can, and should, write their blogs honestly and for themselves first. So if this is what that person does, well, that is their call. If I have been following for a while and this is out of character or they are really trying but just not aware of other ways of doing things then I may comment. Otherwise I leave them to it and focus on the blogs I do find useful. I cannot go down that track, I don't need to and will do everything I can to stay in the positive groove I have worked hard to get myself into. Like Munchberry I do not want to read a list of what someone ate, how many calories they burned ... I am interested in what people are thinking about, what is provoking them, what is motivating them. So often I come away from my handful of blog reads thinking about something that hadn't occured to me. That is a really enjoyable read :)

Vickie said...

enabling and codependency,
very tough to see
(as someone said, when it is the normal and not just an occassional thing, it sounds like the normal from what you said about pineapple cake lady)

I do not think some circles of bloggers have any idea that they and their readers are stuck in a self destructive cycle with each other.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had been following that blog for YEARS and after the past two posts I no longer will be checking in.

Enough analyzing things and TALKING about things & making excuses for things...DO SOMETHING!!

Somewhat harsh, yes, I know, but that blogger deletes comments that make her look 'bad' or that she doesn't agree with. For someone who claims to be so honest - I have to say I'm extremely disappointed.

Jane Cartelli said...

I felt inspired to respond to all your honest and sharing comments in todays blog of August 30, 2011.


Marcelle said...

There are not many inspirational bloggers out there...I too am sick of the losing and gaining bloggers, I am totally uninspired and cant get them off my googlereader to stop following as its a waste of my time....I would rather read 5 inspirational blogs than 50 that say the same thing.