Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oreo Cookie Creme Filling Madness

Do not lick screen
What do you desire more? Keeping the pounds off OR a tube of Oreo creme filling? 

When I was a kid I loved Oreos and usually only ate the white creme filling. Double stuffed Oreos? I wanted triple stuffed! I could never get enough of that icky sweet filling. My childhood fantasy was to get a vat of Oreo creme and a spoon for Christmas. 

 Stores now sell Oreo's cookie filling in a tube. It is called Oreo Ultimate Icing Creme. This evil product, created by terrible people who want me to sell my skinny soul for a childhood fantasy, is now in stores. Five years ago I would have bought a case. I would probably eat a whole tube all by myself, each day, until the case was gone or until it made me sick. I am grateful this product wasn't on the market in 2006.

Now it is in the stores and I have found a dollar coupon. I am happy to share coupons for real food but not for processed crap that is devoid of actual nutrition. 

Anyone want to watch me symbolically burn it in solidarity to our commitment to a healthier lifestyle? 

What food fantasy have you out grown today? 



Vickie said...

I was at a birthday party (3 year old and we were celebrating her adoption, baptism, and birthday all in one party - she has been with her adoptive family since birth) a few weeks ago.

I watched a very fat mom and a very fat little girl (didn't know them, at party) sharing several pieces of cake.

The mom ate the cake.

The little girl ate the frosting.

On every piece.

They would finish one piece and then go get another.

The daughter was practically purring how much she loved frosting. The mom was sort of petting her (hugging and stroking) and saying she knew she did.

The little girl was sitting on the mom's 'lap' (no small feat to keep her balanced there) and it was obviously a real bonding/enabling/codependecy thing.

It was like watching a slow motion train wreck.

I didn't want to watch, but couldn't take my eyes away - you know?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

I don't think I know of a food fantasy, except for the fantasy that I should be able to eat certain things in moderation. And that's a BIG fantasy!!

I have noticed for a long time now, that I am trying (my best) to avoid junk foods, that the coupon inserts in the Sunday paper are just FULL of coupons for the most non-nutritive foods imaginable. Like that Oreo Cream frosting you mentioned. Why can't they have coupons for REAL food, like steak, chicken, veggies, fruit etc? Oh wait, I did see a coupon for bananas, but you had to buy vanilla wafers WITH them.... ARGH!

I'll be burning a stack of coupons along with you, let's light 'em up!!

Take care,

Heather ~~~

Cenandra said...

You know I don't know if I had a food fantasy except I loved too eat anything sweet and chocolatey!

I can't believe their selling that crap, I am finally reading the book you recommended Refuse to Regain. I am only in the first few chapters and love it! She is right, its not our fault its all these commercials that onslaught us with food temptations!

Jane Cartelli said...

Vicki - The story you shared is very sad. When my girls were little I tried to not have photos with me and them and food all together because I didn't want them to look back at the photos and associate our togetherness with food. At that time it never occurred to me that people were looking at me (fat mom) with my normal sized toddlers and seeing the problem developing. Of course I realize it was happening all the time and now I am one of the people who sees an obese mom with the overweight child digging into unhealthy food and I cry inside. Like you, I find it hard to look away. So I try to use the experience to remind me of what I was like and how I can avoid going back there again. Life comes full circle and I have to resist bonding/enabling being co-dependent with my siblings and elderly and ailing family members.



Jane Cartelli said...

Heather - I know! Where are the coupons for fresh broccoli and salmon! Bond fire time!

Sheri -
I knew you would like it! I am so glad you are getting something out of it. Have you read Marion Nestle's book on Food Shopping yet?


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I love Oreos! I wish I didn't, but I do. So I don't buy them! So much food available these days is just junk.

Jane Cartelli said...

It is not getting any better at the stores but luckily we CAN be in control of what we buy. I stay on the outside aisles of the food store as much as possible.


Julie said...

I have outgrown the fantasy that I can `suspend' calories and eat whatever I want. I had a `magical thinking' process that somehow allowed me to disconnect my intelligence and let me binge and eat to celebrate, commiserate or entertain and then be surprised that I gained weight! It is hard to explain because it is so irrational but I would be uber-cautious about what I ate most of the time and then just be overcome with this crazy notion that somehow I could `get away' with binge eating as I had been so `good' until then. Now I know it is one decision, one bite at at time EVERY TIME that matters.

Jane Cartelli said...

Obviously you and I share the gene for magical thinking. Calorie Suspension is just one of the magical powers I believed I possessed in my insanity years.


Anonymous said...

Ah. I see my post did not go thru. Bummer. Every once in a while that capcha whatchamacallit gets me!

When I was a child I dreamed of these pink Hostess half balls that were covered with coconut. I coveted them. I never got one. Ditto that for something they marketed as astronaut breakfast nourshment. It was like a large tootsy roll. Everyone in my school had them. When Neil Armstrong visited our school we each got one. I could not remember what I did with mine so I got on the horn and asked my sister if she knew. She said I hid it in my secret box and she ate it before she left to go to her dad's. I did not remember that.

I was basically starved as a child and I think keeping that roll in my box was sort of the equivalent of my giant food stores in my house today. I WILL break that habitual need one day. Not sure how. Guess it will come to me.

Jane Cartelli said...

Munchberry -
I remember those pink Hostess balls. I only had them once or twice. I didn't like them. I preferred Drakes Yodels, Ring Dings and Funny Bones. I am sorry to hear that your food was restricted when you were a child. That is a hard one to comprehend. Thank you for sharing that.