Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Skipping Meals is Not Exercise

I can only share what works for me and this works. 

If there is a medical reason, I can go without food all day, but I do not choose to skip meals for any other reason.  I choose to stay to my meal plan each day is so that I can  maintain the level of freedom from the obsession with food I enjoy today. I do what I have to do to keep my out of that damn deep pit of overeating. That means I do not skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

I used to defend my choice not to skip a meal when other people felt it was 'silly' or when they wanted me to march to the same drummer that comforts them. Part of the blessing of my recovery from compulsive eating and food addiction is I no longer put what I need out to be blessed by the world. I take care of myself. That can include taking into account the suggestions of my mentor but it does not include letting anyone else make the decision for me. 

Some days breakfast is close to lunch. On those days I skip my snack or put it with the next meal and stay on plan to the best of my ability. If lunch is late, dinner might be very light but there are three meals. When I take responsibility for my actions I live sanely with the results. I do not have to listen to squirrels in my brain that encourage me to 'make up' the meal I missed hours or days later. 

Do you skip? Has skipping ever caused you to trip or fall? 



bbubblyb said...

Oh about the peanut flour I guess you missed where I said I made it with a bit of olive oil and honey today and it was yummy. Going to keep it I think it's pretty good and a lot less fat and calories for Mike and I :) Even the kids liked it, too bad I can't make a big batch though.

As for skipping meals, I try not to because it does affect me. I also try to eat the majority of my calories earlier in the day so I'm not starved at night or it could leave me down a path I don't want to go. For me, it's the sleeping issues that sometimes screw me up.

I agree that you have to do what works for you and you can't let others try to dictate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

I mentioned a while back, that if I eat (an early) breakfast, that sets me up to want to eat with abandon for the rest of the day. So, if I eat a little something closer to lunch, some might not call this a proper breakfast, since it's not "time" for breakfast. But for me, it helps me not get too hungry for lunch, and I am able to eat "regularly" (normal sized portions etc.) the rest of the day.

For a long time, I waited until I got REALLY REALLY hungry before eating that day. Lately, I have been wondering if that was setting me up for the bingeing I do now?? I did't used to have this bingeing problem and DRIVE to want to eat certain foods. I just used to eat A LOT at each meal, but no 'planned' binges. It's amazing the things we do to our bodies that can have an effect years down the line!!

Take care!!

Heather ~~~

Jill said...

I used to skip meals to play games with the scale or to make up for a binge day. It really got me nowhere. I still struggle at times with my "over eating"- but I stop it ASAP and get right back on plan. For me that is also 3 meals a day and 2 snacks if I am hungry for them. I am thankful that I found your blog. You are very inspiring and I look forward to your posts! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Skip? Um. I would say I just do not eat breakfast because it does not work for me. It makes me hungry all day. It sets my "Eat!" button into overdrive. I drink coffee with milk. I eat lunch at noon to 1. have a snack at 3ish (whenever I am feeling peckish) and then dinner. Sometimes I roam around late looking for fruit or crunch. I ignore it until my stomach growls then I eat something. But I am up usually 6-8 hours past dinner so - it is understandable. Not much of a sleeper.

Rarely tripping or falling when I am conscious of what I am doing.

Julie said...

I have a set menu of food available to me for the day. This is decided on the day before but in reality is pretty much the same thing every day. The less I think about food the better. I always eat breakfast - but never before 10am and sometimes not until noon. I love what I eat for breakfast so would not miss it for anything! I usually eat between 10am and noon, again between 1pm and 3pm (depending on when the first meal was). I will have a snack around 4-5pm and then dinner about 7pm. That is it for the day then. If my day is readjusted by work (which happens occasionally) I either replace a meal with an emergency protein bar I always carry or simply go without and wait until I can eat my planned food. I have been called rigid or obsessive but I am very aware of what works for me. I think of it as a kind of laziness - I don't spend much time at all thinking about what to eat! Skipping a meal is not part of my routine but I will rather than eat something that I know may cause me problems later trying to undo the wants that sets off (eg bread or sugar). If I do skip a meal when I next get the opportunity to eat I go back to my day's food and eat from that. I agree that choosing to skip meals to play games with the scale or to compensate for overeating is just flirting with danger in my mind. Having a plan and sticking with it is the lynchpin of maintaining my weight loss and my sanity.

Vickie said...

breakfast and lunch are so important to my day. most of my calories are consumed at these meals. my morning avocado has a lot to do with my wants for the rest of the day.

If these two meals are complete and eating on a timely basis, I am not 'fighting' food wants the rest of the day. I don't have nighttime grazing issues if I start my day balanced. Dinner can be very small. I can add snacks or not (depending on my exercise level). But these two meals (breakfast and dinner) set the stage for my relaxed success for the rest of the day. I prefer relaxed, I do not like white knuckle food days.

Jane Cartelli said...

Thank you all for your responses. I am grateful to hear everyone's experiences. Keep sharing!