Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Amputations and Wedding Dresses: Updates from Prior Posts

I do not want to play 'post it and forget about it.' I think it is important to give updates to the people who have cared enough to read my blog over these past few months. For anyone who is interested, here is an  update regarding two issues that came up over the past few months:

In June/July I posted that my brother Stanley, a diabetic, needed to have his remaining foot amputated. Even worse (in my eyes/heart), he was having candy and soda sneaked into his ICU bedside only few days later. A week or so later they went back and amputated both his legs. I got to go see him again in July when I was up in New York and he was still healing in the rehab facility while working on upper body strength. Only two months later - today, he is WALKING on his two 'magic legs.' He climbs up the flight of stairs to the bedroom and bathroom and down the stairs to get to the living areas of the house and down the stairs to get outside to his car, which required no change in mechanical parts. He pushes the petals with his prosthetic foot. He is using a walker, starting to switch to one cane - and has already taken a few steps without holding on to anything. Amazing recovery? I believe it has been made stronger by the well-wishes and prayers of my friends in Blogville. Thank you all. I am 1200 miles away from him and I do not know if he has developed healthier food plan or if he is still bingeing on sugar. Time and his health will tell. For today, he is doing amazingly well and for that I am grateful.
This month I posted about healing the past and three wedding dresses including my wedding dress. I have not heard back from the bridal shop and I am moving on to the next one on my list. I am taking your advice and giving them the back story and letting them know I will feature the shop with photos in the blog and in an article I will write for the local newspaper. My advice to someone else would be to print it out and deliver it in person, so I am going to do that, since email has not produced the desired results. Stay tuned for the next update as soon as I have one. 



Christina said...

Jane, I'm sorry for your brother's loss of his legs. His continued need for sugar highlights one fact that your blog keeping bringing home: food addiction can be deadly. I think it was here that I read "a drug addict puts the tiger in a cage for the rest of his life, a food addict takes the tiger out for a walk three times a day." And I know you wrote once: picking at food, tasting - these are very dangerous behaviors for me.

I think that looking at food as potentially dangerous creates that firebreak we all need before we dive in and start eating. It raises our awareness of what we are doing. We need to learn to handle food carefully, to eat it mindfully.

I'm glad that your brother is walking again and feeling positive. That's a lesson too - for all of us.

Christina (in Italy)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update on your brother. Readers do wonder so it is nice for an update. Continued prayers for his recoverieS.

Can you just go in and talk to the shops?

Vickie said...

I assume the picture was after second foot and before legs? how high is it now?

this is probably a man who could have been an athlete as I know how much balance it requires to be on two prosthetics. I have always told my mother's husband (also a double leg amputee, right below the knee on both sides) that he would have been a marathon runner in his 80's and 90's if he had taken care of himself - his body is clearly resilient.

glad to have the updates - very kind of you.

bbubblyb said...

Sorry about your brother but glad to hear he's managing ok. He looks pretty healthy in the picture. I do believe in the power of prayer for sure.

Hope you can find a bridal shop that will help you with your dream. I would think it would be a great opportunity for them. I agree that going in person will probably get you better results.