Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back-to-School Memories Can Help Keeping the Pounds Off

I am working on savoring the moments  in life that were not food related. For September memories I think of school. My favorite memory of back-to-school is getting new plaids. Most of my cousins attended Catholic schools while I went to public school. They grew to hate plaid because of the daily school uniforms, I loved plaid. Such beautiful colors and combinations of design patterns - I always wanted plaid things. 
I had a plaid lunch box and thermos one year. Plaid skirts, plaid scarf, plaid notebook covers, plaid brand scotch tape (can you see my addictive personality at work even then?) I coveted my father's red, green and blue flannel plaid shirt so much he finally gave it to me and I wore it daily as a cover up instead of my winter coat until my parents were sure I would freeze and die. My favorite memory is from the year I got new sneakers and my mom paid the extra money so I could get blue and hot pink plaid laces. I thought those laces made me cool. Wearing those sneakers gave me a self of confidence. 

Looking around my house today I do not see any plaid. I seem to remember my daughters banishing it from the house when they were in Catholic school and had to wear plaid skirts and jumpers everyday. Hmmm, I think for this fall I will go to JoAnn fabrics and get a few yards of plaid and see if I can come up with something decorative. I am sure when the girls are home for a few weeks this fall they will be thrilled to see plaid has returned to the house. 

What does this have to do with keeping the pounds off? Delighting in non-food comforts in my home helps keep me out of the false comfort of the refrigerator and candy dish in times of trouble or stress. I few years ago I indulged my passion for the color orange with items for the home in an effort to keep me clear of the orange foil wrapped peanut butter cups,  orange colored icing on cupcakes and orange M&Ms. It worked well and I still have some lovely attractive burnished orange accessories and trinkets I enjoy seeing and using each fall season. 
Obviously not my kitchen.
This one is too clean. 

So, what is your favorite back-to-school memory? How do you enjoy the memory today? 



Cenandra said...

I loved my lunch boxes and thermas's!!! Yours brought the memories flooding back. I loved this post its a very good way of looking at keeping the pounds off! Way to go!

Jane Cartelli said...

I am glad you like it. Next month I will reveal a non-food happy memory for October!