Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Doggy Treats

Dogs are developing diabetes at a faster rate than ever before. DOGS!

Dogs do not go into a store to buy milk and come home with Twinkies. Dogs do not stop off at the convenience store and pick up a candy bar while paying for gas. Dogs do not order pizza because they are too tired, too lazy or too bored. Dogs should not be developing diabetes at new alarming rates.

While dogs sometimes get into food they shouldn't, we, for the most part, feed our dogs food and treats that we chose for them. Some people give their dogs scraps from the table. Others give their personal 'man's best friend' such name brand doggie treats as Snausages' Snaw Somes or Pedigree Jumbone. Snaw Somes have a twisty-braided look to appeal to humans and come in beef/cheese and peanut butter/apple flavor combinations. 

My bichon's name is Keeper (named for a Quidditch position). Keeper likes bits of meat, chicken, salmon, apple, carrot, green beans, cauliflower, banana and egg. These are all healthy foods, even for dogs. He does not get candy, nuts, bread, cheese or ice cream. He is a healthy dog and does not have diabetes. That might not be the case if he were still allowed to have his favorite snack. The snausages contain not one type of sugar, not two types of sugar but three different types of sugar in the first four ingredients from the list of total ingredients. These are Corn Syrup, Sugar, and Crystalline Fructose. You know that ingredients are listed in the order of weight, right? That means there is more sugar in this snack than there is beef, cheese, or soy protein concentrate. 
Why are we giving our dogs sugar? Could it be the same reason sugar is highly used in snacks marketed to children: because it hooks them and they gobble it up and want more? 

Given the choice between this snack and a piece of chicken, my do was picking the damn snack. That is when I read the label and stopped buying this snack. After two months without him having the snack and instead having snacks made without sugar I decided to do a little test. I offered him a choice of chicken or the sugar snack. He went for the chicken first and came back for more chicken. Could it be that his taste buds were no longer conditioned to grabbing for the sugar? I got rid of the remaining sugary dog snacks. 

Not all cases of canine diabetes can be prevented but stopping the unnatural consumption of sugar by our pets is a good start in a healthy direction. 

Hopefully Keeper will not develop diabetes. At least I know I will not be helping to cause the problem. Read the labels on your pet foods. Look for the hidden sugars and keep them from your pets. Dogs should not be getting diabetes. And removing sugar will help in keeping the pounds off our pets as well as it helps to keep the pounds off us dog loving people. 

What sugars are hiding in your pet's food? 



Fatoutofskinny said...

My dogs love baby carrots and raw green beans. They only get one treat a day, and those are organic and have ingredients that are healthy, in fact we have a pet boutique in town and she makes her own treats using wholesome ingredients. If I wouldn't eat it I don't give it to my "babies"! In fact you can see pictures of them on my latest post!

vanyelmoon said...

Wow, I didn't know the problem has spread to our pets. The sad thing is, there are people out there who own pets that shouldn't and only buy the cheapest dogfood at the grocery store, not to mention never take their pet to the vet. Thanks for sharing.

RedPanda said...

And I'm sure you noticed that the first and fifth-listed ingredients are wheat products.

Not to mention the "Possible side effect - excessive fun!" wording on the packet. So dog food is even being marketed as "fun" now?

Jane Cartelli said...

I noticed the wheat. LOL. If the sugar does not get them the wheat certainly will.

Excessive fun translated means your dog gets a sugar high and flips out, running around the house until the huge drop in blood sugar puts them into nap mode.


E. Jane said...

I recently heard a vet on TV talk about dog foods. He said that dogs (and cats) are meat eaters, and here we are giving them cereal (as in dry dog food). I have gone to mixing plain meat with the dry dog food to balance it. Our dog loves it, and she begs less for unhealthy treats.

Laura N said...

when I saw the "dog diet" kits displayed in the front of Petsmart last year, I knew we were in trouble. insanity.

our dog is allergic to regular dog food. the vet told us to never give her treats b/c they are horrible for her. her treats are mini marshmallows (which the vet suggested). which, yes, are sugar and not healthy, but they are for medicine or when the kids are having her do tricks.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I didn't know all of this! Our dog was starting to get overweight, so we started measuring his food. After about 9 months, he is back to his correct weight.

Jane Cartelli said...

Jane E -
Me too. My dog loves it.

Laura N -
lol - as long as the kids do not have the dog rolling over and over and over, right?

Diane -
Next thing, we will be hearing about doggie gastric bypasses. Glad your dog has lost his extra weight! You have a very healthy household all around!