Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Don't Eat Sweets But I Can Tweet!

And a child shall lead them... 

When I was a kid there was Tweety: a little yellow cartoon bird who taut he taw a puddy tat. Remember him? Now there's a little blue bird who wants us to follow him around the expanding world of electronic communications. It is a world in which I want an active role because communication and creativity are my passions.

I know if I want to learn anything new in technology, my best bet is to learn from a Tween (a child barely 13 years old), who is technologically savvy. My friends' kids are mostly the same age as my own children, so I do not know any local Tweens I can hire for technology lessons. My daughter in NYC is 26. Athough legally an adult, she will always be my child so I asked her help. Today she gave me a lesson (over the phone) on how to tweet on Twitter.

I can now tweet the real tweets. It seems I have been tweeting every time I posted on my blog but all of those 'tweets' were automated and simply sent out a link to each blog post. A real tweet is up to 140 characters and conveys a thought or message, or complete nonsense. I don't fully get the value of tweeting but I am looking to expand my technical acuity, and this is my project of the day. Perhaps I will find the value as time goes on. I am giving it a try.

My Twitter name is @keeping_lbs_off

Nightie-night and Tweet Dreams!



Fatoutofskinny said...

You know I've had a Twitter account for several years and I've never tweeted a tweet!! Don't even remember why I got one in the first place! Perhaps I should scrape the cobwebs off and give it a go too....let me know how you get on.

Miz said...

Im addicted to twitter :)

Jane Cartelli said...

Log into your Twitter.com account. There will be a little box with the #140 below it. Type into the box. The number will count down your characters. Stop before it hits negative numbers and hit the button.

Miz - Oh No~ Do I have to watch out for another addiction. If this becomes addicting for me I will trash twitter.


bbubblyb said...

Facebook? Twitter? yea I'm lost lol and thinking I plan on staying lost lol. For me, I like the anonymousness (is that a word) of the blogging world. Good luck with your facebook and twitter stuff :)

Anonymous said...

So do you need to tweet on a phone? I think we were wondering that last go round on the twitter front.

I still feel ridiculous saying tweet and twitter. Tweet is what a birdy does and twitter is something short of twitterpated or atwitter. Either of those sound silly or likely candidates for use in my blog when I am saying something ridiculous.

Jane Cartelli said...

Dawn - Facebook ((until the new changes) has been great for me to connect with my extended cousins and family around the world but what I have loved about it most is the window it has given me into the lives of my grown children and their friends. They have actually welcomed me to be their facebook friends and their friends have invited into the circle. If not for that I woud not have stayed. But now I have a network of FB friends locally and globally and I enjoy it.
I know several grandmothers who get to intact with their grown grandchildren daily because of FB. I like that for families. Twitter . . . we shall see.

Munchie - No phone needed. You can use Twitter with a computer. I always thought a smart phone was needed but I was wrong. The terms used do sound silly but I like silly. We need more flubber in this world.


Anonymous said...

Flubber. LOL