Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm Keeping the Pounds Off on Facebook

On October 1, 2011 at I'm Keeping the Pounds Off on Facebook, I will be starting a 366 day listing of weight loss/maintenance thoughts. If you are on Facebook I hope you will come to I'm Keeping the Pounds Off and click LIKE so you can get a thought a day. 

A fine fellow blogger named Sandrelle at (alternatively her blog is named "Keeping it OFF") also has a facebook page with the name "Keeping the Pounds OFF", which includes Sandrelle's own inspiring journey. Since someone else already had that name for their facebook page (Sandelle was on facebook before me), I had to get creative. When I added facebook's link to this blog a year after I started it, I took the "(dot) com" designation. Are you confused yet? 

Up to now I have used a facebook page named "Keeping the Pounds Off (dot) com" and this has led to some head-scratching, so I have started I'm Keeping the Pounds Off on Facebook in an attempt to clear up the names a bit. I am sure Facebook will do new update and screw us all beyond repair mess this up eventually, but until then lets give this a try.

If you have previously followed Keeping the Pounds Off (dot) Com, please come over to I'm Keeping the Pounds Off. As for confusion, I was at a loss from day one. My computer-savvy daughter set everything up for me. I do not know how 80% of this stuff works. I have followers on Twitter, and I did not even know I was a Do I need a smart phone? My daughter bought me a Blogging for Dummies book. I think I need to read it. Does anyone know if it will help someone who was around to watch the original run of the Brady Bunch? 

What has helped you navigate the cyber waters? 



Fatoutofskinny said...

I'll look you up on fb.
As for the question at the end.......trial and error, together with a dose of frustration! Now I've switched to Mac things are a lot easier.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure I am one of a few people in the US who does not do Facebook. And won't. And I too wonder if a phone is required to twitter... not that I would, but I wonder.

I know nothing of the internet. Thankfully I am impulsive and blogspot is easy.