Friday, September 30, 2011

NBA Basketball Lockout May Contribute to Pudgy Players

If an athlete stops doing the physical activities for which they train day in and day out - but do not change their food intake or even go as far as to stay on their 'free time' plan: eating freely before training for the new season, it can pile the pounds on players who are already pudgy from being off season. The same is true for people who are players in the game of keeping the pounds off. 

Smart players adjust their food intake to match their physical activity. They keep their brain 'in the game' even if their body is not required on the playing court. Smart players adjust what they eat to satisfy the needs of their bodies, not the cravings of their minds. 

Athletes in sports that de-train between seasons (such as competitive swimmers) keep their bodies active by training in different physical activities. In school, I wondered why people on the crew team did track and field off season. They did not have a passion for track and field but it helped them maintain their conditioning in between crew seasons. 

As summer turns to fall your ability to be in your 'game' might be changed by falling temperatures and inclement weather. Maybe you are locked out of the pool. Maybe you are no longer able to workout outside late in the day because of the earlier sunsets. Changes in the seasons do not make for acceptable excuses for packing on the pounds. Are you going to allow a lockout to prevent you from keeping the pounds off? 

What are YOU doing to keep yourself from becoming a pudgy lock out player?



Anonymous said...

Very cute connection! The picture though - it is vile.

I am already gearing up for the rain.

Jane Cartelli said...

Which photo? The pool or the doughnut?