Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1st Weigh In

 So this morning I got on the scale for the 'monthly' weigh-in and was greeted with four additional pounds. A few months ago this would have meant tears, frustration, loathing and basically ruined my day/week/month. Today I look at it and think 'I got less sleep last night. My fingers are swollen so much my wedding ring, which normally falls off, cannot come off. The scale gave me a number that I do not like but given less sodium and a good night's sleep I am sure it will be better tomorrow or the next day. Now that I am free of the commitment to only weight once a month I can get on the scale when my fingers return to normal and see the difference. 

A week ago I wrote that I have a final number and it is 148.  At that time I assumed the number was 22 pounds a way. Now it is 26 pounds away. Bummer. But as I wrote then: now that there is a final number I can make a plan to reach it. First step is to return to what has worked for me in keeping the pounds off all these years. I am going back to weighing once daily until I reach 148. If I get obsessed with weigh in results I will re-evaluate. 

I am off now to talk with my mentor about what is working and not working for me today. Time to kick(box) ass and get to work. I have a goal I want to reach that final number so that keeping the pounds off no longer includes losing more pounds. 
Do you get on the scale monthly, weekly. daily, or compulsively? 



Fatoutofskinny said...

Love your attitude! With you every step of the way.
I used to weigh every day, but I think that that can be very discouraging because weight fluctuates so much, so this time around I've elected to only weigh at my meeting and the rest of the time concentrate on non scale victories. Good day at a time.

bbubblyb said...

I'm sure you'll figure out what will get the scale moving down to where you want to be.

I have lately been weighing daily. I go through stages with the scale and these days I'm really trying hard to not let what shows up stress me out. I use my TOPS weekly weigh-in as my true weight and the rest of the time I hop on the scale is just to see where I am.

I think you have a good attitude with just weighing daily and if you get to obsessed then re-evaluate. I tend to be that way too.

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

Because I feel in control of food these days (a big difference from the food insanity of 2+ decades), I don't worry about the scale going up cause I had too much salt or extra carbs in a meal. I know when it's bloat or carb-water-retention. I know it's nto "I ate like a fiend".

I think knowing what it is and the remedies at hand make scale time non-stressful. I weigh nearly every day, and it's not stressful. It's my feedback. It lets me know if I need to cut back on salt or carbs. Or when I'm having portion creep and need to pull out the cups/spoons again to measure.

Here's to a debloating for you.

Anonymous said...

I think your plan for weighing is sound. You get compulsive or the number determines the day's mood, then you rejigger the plan.

I weigh every day and record it. Sometimes I weigh twice. But the minute I start copping an attitude or start obsessing, the scale gets put in the penalty box.

Kick those pounds right off! High five for being proactive and sane about the scale.

Jane Cartelli said...

I love you all and thank you for taking the time to comment on this for me. I appreciate your feedback very much.


Amanda said...

I weigh when I think it will be most helpful. At the moment, that's once a week. Sometimes I'll hop on daily; other times, it's been monthly.

Jane Cartelli said...

Amanda -
Years ago I avoided the scale for a long period of time because I knew I was not going to like the number. Back then I was in a bit of denial (and still over 300 pounds). I like knowing I can weigh or not weigh and that I am not avoiding on purpose.


Cenandra said...

I've never been a daily weigh'er, it takes too much out of me. I like weighing in every 7 days.

Julie said...

I weight once a week and then on the first of each month, whatever day that might be. I was a daily weigher during my major loss and it worked fine. However, now I am more embedded in my eating plan and am working on being totally consistant with that I am trying to take the focus off the number on the scale and on to what I am eating. In the past I would see if I could `get away' with eating off plan and use the scale for `permission'. Now I know what I need to eat and do that daily. Food and exercise are my main, daily focus. I do weigh to make sure that my plan is still working for me. If the scale doesn't move for more than three weeks I need to change something. Interestingly I haven't had that happen and when the scale does stay stuck it is on exactly the same number (and I weight in kilos and grams so pretty specific numbers). In the past I have had wild fluctuations - amazing what can happen when you are in tune with your body and know exactly how it reacts to things like carbs, sodium etc.

Jane Cartelli said...

I love your comment
"In the past I would see if I could `get away' with eating off plan and use the scale for `permission'."

That struck me as amazingly familiar behavior from my past. I did at times go to the scale for permission to eat off plan but I did not realize my behavior at that time.

Memory of past behaviors is essential if I am to be free of repeating them again. Thank you for sharing this here