Saturday, September 17, 2011


I felt sexy today. I wore a pair of white cotton pants that felt good and looked good with a sexy top, tucked in, nice belt to show off my waist, and medium-high heel sandals. I have worn the exact outfit before but today I added one more thing: I wore a great new attitude. 

I walked around all day not afraid to see my reflection and every time I did see it, I told myself 'you look good.' I did look good for a fifty year old, almost fifty year ol, 49.9033 year old lady who has lost over 200 pounds. However, my attitude was far beyond age and the weight. The attitude was confident, and exciting. I was comfortable in the role of sexy wife enjoying a day with my husband.

We worked, had lunch, shopped, enjoyed a night experiencing some fun attractions in Disney's Magic Kingdom. All that time I never worried about what I looked like from behind; was my hair okay, did my arms flap. . . none of that came to mind. I was too busy enjoying the attitude of me as a sexy lady. I was enjoying the attentions of the husband who cannot take his hands off of me to worry about what anyone else thought of my body. 

It has been a good day. I even forgot to eat dinner. I found something more satisfying than food. Still,  I better eat some yogurt before calling it a night. 

Are you allowing yourself to enjoy the sexy being that is uniquely you? 



Fatoutofskinny said...

Hahaha...what was it you found more satisfying than food!!!!?
So glad you had a sexy day. How was Typhoon Lagoon. I love that place?

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

You better believe it. I haven't felt sexy in ages, and to be enjoying that this year--even though I'm still "fat" by society standards and even though I'm not at goal and even though I'm 51, urk. Yes, I do. I feel downright hot some days. I walk with that attitude. I FEEL it. And I get flirted with, so I guess I'm really giving off that vibe. Had a guy slow down and crane his neck to gawk at me while walking in my purple Nike camisole yesterday. I had to smile. I'm overweight and middle-aged and still can snag a look. All right! Attitude counts for a lot. When you FEEL better about yourself, I do believe it projects out. You just...send out waves of "I rock!" hahaha

Let's keep rocking it. And more satisfying than food? I had me some o' dat before supper. ; )

Lauren said...

Gross, mom.

Julie said...

Haha Lauren you sound just like my daughters - gross Mum, too much information ;) Eat your heart out girls, I say. Yep, my husband REALLY appreciates my new look and when he says my butt looks great you know what? I am not going to argue with him!!!

Jane Cartelli said...

Okay people, for the RECORD, by something more satisfying then food I meant LOVE - not sex.

But the sex is a very close second!

To my daughters: You are both over 21. It is time you knew the truth. Storks did not bring you.

RedPanda said...

Sounds like a great day!

And the comment from your daughter is priceless!

Jane Cartelli said...

As are the daughters: priceless!


Unknown said...

What a great love letter to yourself! I've had days where I felt like I was on fire! It's a wonderful feeling and I hope you get more and more of them!

Add To Your Faith said...

I agree -- It does feel good to feel "Sexy" for a change - especially after feeling "Fat" for so many years.