Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SMILE! Your Plate is on Television!

Most of us do not live in the public glare. We do not have our plates scrutinized three times a day.  If what you ate today was shown on television would you be embarrassed? Would you cover up your plate? Would you feel the need to explain your choices or quantities? Why? Would you eat differently if you knew 'company was coming over,' or if you knew the camera's from "The View" would be focused solely on you and your plate? 

The answer is not eat in secret and hide my food from the rest of the world. Most of the world does not care what I eat or how much or when or why. In keeping the pounds off I find that living a life with integrity in all areas means I never have to worry about the candid camera. I do not feel I have to explain my food choices because they are healthy, natural normally portioned. I do not have to worry that someone else will see my choices and actions in the glare of the spot light and I will be ashamed. In fact, I would encourage questions that could spark a healthier mindset for someone else. Take your video Mr Cameraman - and while you're at it, let's put down the doughnut so you can ask questions! 
If I feel otherwise then there is a problem and I need to talk to inspect my actions and choices. I need to reach out and use the tools that will help me see what I am feeling and how it is impacting on my food life. Why eat with guarded emotions of guilt or fear when I can have joy and ease before, during and after my meals. 

Right now, today, would you write a comment that included listing everything you ate today? Would it make you uncomfortable because of what you ate or how much you consumed? You can live without shame regarding food behaviors. What can you do - or what help do you need - to have a life free of that feeling?



Laura N said...

eating in secret is something I always have struggled with. as if hiding in the bathroom eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's was fooling anyone. it all showed up on my body as fat.

Since I started eating the Kay Sheppherd way (thanks to you & Vickie) almost 3 months ago, I can say that almost every day I would be happy to post what I've eaten that day. Every day isn't perfect; I still slip up. I still eat things some days that are sugary and not good for me, even when the bulk of my day is healthy food.

I have journal after journal of my food recording. I recently looked at one from a while back when I was trying to lose weight and was shocked--it was ALL processed "low calorie" foods. Horrible stuff. I shook my head at the Laura of back in the world did I expect to lose weight when I was eating fake food?

I'm much happier with my food being out there in the light of day instead of hidden in the dark.

Fatoutofskinny said...

Changed amount eaten with

Now..... I don't do the above anymore. I am proud to say that I am not embarrassed about my food choices and eating habits. Woohoo!

RedPanda said...

Hmm... I'm not ashamed of the way I eat, but sometimes I feel that a TV crew has arrived when I prepare my lunches and snacks at work.

"Ooh - that looks so healthy!"

"Ooh - aren't you good?"

"Ooh - you're going to live a long time!"

[Cue eye-rolling]

I've also attracted comments about the quantity of food I eat - I guess it's "unladylike" to eat half a grilled chicken breast and a generous serving of salad.

I suppose I made other people feel self-conscious about their food choices, but that's their problem.

Sorry, this rant is on a bit of a tangent, but eating healthy in public does have its drawbacks.

Julie said...

I agree with you Red Panda - while I no longer eat in secret because I am ashamed ironically I sometimes don't eat in public because of the comments about what and how much I am eating. It all depends on the company. Funny how the more things change the more they stay the same! I get comments about not eating enough, being a rabbit, how can you enjoy that - wouldn't it be nicer with (insert creamy, fake, additive-laden, sugary sauce, mayo etc) added? So while I am happy and proud to say I eat what I eat and am so healthy because of it I would not like to be observed by the `average' person while eating.

RedPanda said...

Heh. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Jane Cartelli said...

Laura N - It scares me sometimes when I read how insanely I ate during a binge or how fast it hit. Even more: how crazy I write when hitting the food. I read it now and immediately know I was on my substance of choice because I wrote bulls**t - which I could not see at the time.

Red & Julie-
There are some people and places with whom I am more comfortable than others. I do not mind questions about my food. I do occasionally mind the unsolicited biting comments. Occasionally I bite back. I pointed out that I did not ask them for their opinion and if my decisions on my food were open to their commentary I would be happy to open up a commentary on their choice of hair color, dates, clothing, vocabulary, work performance or parenting skills. . . . Say that in a group and it will stop all comments - but also all conversation. Yeah, I had to tone that back a bit.

How do you respond to people's comments?


RedPanda said...

My workplace is all politically correct, so I usually just smile in a pained way...

But I did bite back once. A new staffer - HR warned my boss that she was "dangerous"(!) - commented on my lunch. I did the pained smile thing, but she came in the following day as I was assembling my salad and said, "Do you go through this performance every day?!? I'm impressed!!!"

I looked at her coolly and said, "Yes, I do eat lunch every day. I think you'll find that most people do."

She never said anything about my food again.

Jane Cartelli said...

RedPanda: 1 - Dangerous new hire: 0


Julie said...

I love that comment Red Panda but suspect if I started responding I would say something along the lines of Jane's comments! In general I don't mind but there is a specific group who feed off each others enabling to maintain their obesity. When this was really bothering me another woman who has lost a lot of weight too and I began taking our breaks together, at a different time to the main group, taking our food outside and eating together. I see the comments for what they are, usually mired in jealousy, but some days it is too much. Luckily my role has changed recently and I am now in an area working with mainly men who take no notice whatsoever of what I eat, when I eat or what size I am.

RedPanda said...

Julie - you're right about most of those comments being mired in jealousy. The "dangerous new hire" I mentioned upthread was obese, and no doubt realised she would benefit from a RedPanda-style salad.

Once, when I was carrying my plate of grilled chicken and (yet more) salad out of the kitchen, I ran into a coworker, a skinny young guy, who said, "Wow - that makes me feel ashamed of what I'm about to eat!" I thought, "Heh - that explains most of the comments".

RedPanda said...

Then there were all the gratuitous remarks about my gym bag. I don't think it ever occurred to anyone that I often lug a gym bag to work because I use public transport (and therefore can't stow it in my car boot) not to make them feel bad about how little they exercise.

That all eased off when I started going to after-work boxing classes run by professional boxers. Somehow the sight of someone leaving the building in workout gear, a gym bag, plus a mesh bag with gloves and focus mitts inside, and emblazoned with the words "PUNCH EQUIPMENT" shut up the peanut gallery!

Jane Cartelli said...

Jane's Words of Wisdom:
Never mess with a woman who can punch the daylights out of you.


that TOPS lady said...

wow...what a post! When I first started blogging, I posted a pic of each and every thing I ate each day. It helped.

Yes, I would be ashamed to do that now.. and my weight is NOT where I want it to be.

Maybe I should get back to that.

Scratch the maybe.

I should.