Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Does Positive Feel Like?

Why would we care about keeping the pounds off our body if it did not include a more enjoyable, positive life as the main result? I once believed maintaining a healthy weight meant I would be miserable because it would not include the foods I craved and the sedate lifestyle I thought I wanted while under the influence of my addictive foods. I was miserable when I still held on to the idea that I could not enjoy life without the sugary substances I wanted. I was miserable when I felt I was unfairly being deprived of buttery-cheesy foods just to keep from gaining a few lousy pounds. I could not acknowledge a positive side beyond the single focused goal of losing weight and looking good. 
Then I was encouraged to change my perception of what I was feeling and reach to find and feel the positives. I began to see that feeling good without the excess food was hidden under my resentments for what I could not have. I began to feel better and better about what I was doing to what it meant in my life and let go of the negativity that came from dwelling in the House of My Past Food Life. 

I would like you to do something. When things go right and there is something in your day that you would label as 'positive,' pause and pay attention to how you are breathing, what are your muscles doing, how the air feels on your skin. Pay attention to how your physical being really feels when you are experiencing positive things. Observe your body. See how many positive things you can notice that you might have otherwise not counted as positive but let pass through your day without awareness.

Be aware of positive things that happen in your life today. Whether it is a rainbow in the sky, an unexpected but comfortable breeze, a check in the mail or a sale on your favorite vegetable. Look for and feel the positive things that happen all through your day today. Then seek to find the positive feelings in acceptance of what you need to do in keeping your pounds off today. There are so many wonderful things to feel and cherish in this journey. 

Please share your experience in how positive feels to you. 



Fatoutofskinny said...

I've been trying to live in the here and now for quite some really does change your way of thinking. The only sure thing we have control of is what is happening, here at this moment......make good use of that time I say!

bbubblyb said...

What a great post Jane, it's so true about how great it feels when we feel positive and we are grateful for the little things. I also see how much I love being outside, it just makes me feel so alive.

Anonymous said...

I am generally a happy person, but I have found that I have found happiness more in more in things not food. I thought I would be miserable without my love my friend my... but as it turns out I am actually OK. I feel great. I have a new outlook. I look forward. I did not do that before because I had decided food was my everything.

I have my life back.

Is that every waking moment of bliss? No. Who has that? Some situations I lament not being able to eat or drink as I would like. I get over it. Never thought I would.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Excellent post! Positive for me is being able to be happy and satisfied where I am, and not focusing only on what I don't have.

Vickie said...

good post.
I agree, it is a better practice to look at what has been gained (not weight, yes scale/nonscale victories) and not what has had to be given up/stopped.