Friday, October 28, 2011

Artificial Free Update - Week 1

Not my bowl. Mine is pretty.

With the exception of a watered down diet Pepsi late one night, I am still not having artificial sweeteners. Today I am just going to talk about a taste experience I am having with oatmeal and ask what you think.

I make old fashioned oatmeal. I put cinnamon in it while it cooks, no butter, no margarine. I cook it in water and add a little almond milk toward the end of the cooking process (no sugar/sweetener/flavorings at all). The oatmeal has a nice, natural light nut taste anyway, but now I am tasting a hint of something sweet.

Could it be that there is a natural sweetness in the combination of the oatmeal and plain cinnamon. Sometimes I leave out the almond milk but the taste sensation of barely sweet is still there. It is very satisfying.

Is keeping the pounds off without artificial sweetener leading to my taste buds being healed of years of additives and such? It is an interesting phenomenon, a weight-loss urban myth of which I heard, but never thought I could experience.

I am going to keep going.



Fatoutofskinny said...

I've been finding that too. Having decreased the amount of sweetness I add to things it's amazing how many things have their own "sweetness"!!!!

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

Cinnamon has sweetness I find. I still use sweeteners, but I find when I add cinnamon to stuff, i can use less :D

Cathy said...

When I started limiting sugar and artificial sweeteners, fruit started tasting like candy to me. It is pretty amazing. Yes, our taste buds are damaged by the amount of sugar we eat, but they can recover.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Well, there is sugar in carbs, so there is bound to be some residual sweetness, maybe you just could not taste it before because you were not searching for it or it was masked.

I find the almond milk very sweet. I use it to make smoothies and eat cereal. I do not add sweetener if I do. A good way around the artificials Jane.

I think it is good to shake things up and ditching the artificials is a great way to go about it!

Happy non candy Halloween.

Lora said...

Cinammon can add a sensation of sweetness. We love it in many foods, including soups, in breads, and in coffee. I also find that steel-cut oats (made in a rice cooker) are delicious, although old-fashioned are a close second.

Vickie said...

On a separate topic - what are the ingredients of Almond Milk? I looked on the Silk Brand website and could find nutritional information but not ingredients. The choices on the flavors were original, vanilla, dark chocolate, UNsweetened (which leads me to believe many of the flavors are sweetened).

YES, taste buds change/recover hugely. Can taste the flavor of real/clean/whole foods. It is amazing how fast this happens.

I also personally believe that this can help a lot with the WANTS.

To be honest I stopped with artificial sweeteners when I was pregnant with oldest (turning 22 soon) so it has been so long I can't comment on how it feels to come off them (can't remember).

I tried hard to pay attention to my oatmeal this morning (old-fashioned, made with water, nothing added but nonfat cows milk), but could not single out 'sweet'. It tasted very good, as it does every morning, but just tastes like oatmeal to me.

I would not classify myself as a 'sweets' person. Was not in the habit of thinking everything had to be a dessert/party. Was not in habit of adding sugar. Have never had a sugar bowl in house. Have never had a salt shaker either.

My husband came from a house that added salt to most everything - added it before even tasting it. And added sugar to fruit. And he no longer does any of that. And his taste buds changed hugely. When he used to have occasion to eat his mother's cooking, that used to be the norm for him, he gagged on the over seasoning. He is a good science experiment because no extra weight, no emotional attachment, it was pure habit and when he changed the habit, the taste buds changed hugely.

And good for you in making this change for youself. I am finding it very interesting to SEE. I appreciate your taking the time to write it all out and keep us posted. It will be interesting to see how this progresses for you and what you think about it in 6 mos, year or two.

I personally think this is an important part of the process. It speaks about eating for health instead of just counting calories. It is a major statement/life style difference (in my opinion).

Jane Cartelli said...

Vickie -
I am enjoying the feeling of slow change as a good thing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We shall see how it goes. Here are the ingredients:

Filtered water almonds, calcium carbonate,sea salt, Potassium citrate, Carrageenan, sunflower lecithin and vitamins. 40 cal, 3.5 fat, 1 carb, 0 sugars, 1 protein.

I only use the unsweetened and unflavored. They have an unsweetened vanilla but if I want vanilla I can just add my own vanilla bean. I do not like to buy it already in the milk.


Cenandra said...

I am making my whole grain oats now! I have them for breakfast and sometimes dinner. I do put splenda in mine with cinnamon no butter and just water. Love it!

Stay strong you can do this!