Sunday, October 16, 2011

The BONUS Gift

This morning I woke up to an unexpected gift. I had the beautiful memories of my surprise fiftieth birthday party from the night before. I had an evening of love and fellowship that included my husband, both daughters and my nearest and dearest friends. The beautiful decorations are still festively displayed. The gifts are piled on chairs and the cards are displayed on the kitchen counter. Each of those cards, either on the front or inside, loudly proclaims Happy 50th Birthday. I attended a party where I 'publicly' became fifty years old, surrounded by many friends for whom fifty is a fond past memory. 

And yet. . . . . I am still just forty-nine. My birthday is nine days away. I have over a week of being forty-nine left without the dread of turning fifty because I already did it and survived. Now I can enjoy these nine days and face the music on the twenty-fifth of October without dread. What I wonderful bonus gift! 

And they didn't even have to wrap it!



Life Coach Gerri Helms, CSC said...

Jane, no need to dread the fifties. I know what you're up to - I know that you will have an amazing decade!

I just turned 62. Fifty seems so long ago. I had no regrets turning 50 and 62 has an extra financial bonus - I get social security.

Have fun over the next nine days - you deserve it!

So glad to have celebrated with you last night.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I'm with Life Coach's comment above! Don't dread the 50's. I am still a few years away, but I always joke to my hubby - "Consider the alternative to having another birthday. You wouldn't be here at all!"

RedPanda said...

When I left my congratulations on your party post, I didn't realise you hadn't yet turned 50.

But yeah, I turned 50 five years ago, and it was just another day. There's nothing to dread. And when I'm 60, I'll get a concession card so I can get discounts on protein powder at the health food store!

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! Well, you're still cuter than anything (<<I originally had a little swear word here) in your pictures, so what are you worried about! I hope I look that good at 50.

:-) Marion (who is nearing 44)

that TOPS lady said...

Happy birthday! How wonderful!

that TOPS lady said...

Happy birthday! How wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I THOUGHT that was early. I assumed you wrote the other post early. Glad I am not completely losing it.

No dread. If you did not lose that weight, you may not have been around for it! If anything you should be proud. No small thing to completely turn around that bus.

Jane Cartelli said...

I am looking forward to living life to the fullest as I work on the second half of my life. Perhaps reaching this milestone will give me the license I think I need to seize the day!