Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Changing Trains

This is from a post I did last October under the name What Would Happen If You Did Not Eat the Cookie? . With some updates and a few small changes, I am repeating it here. 

There is an advertisement on TV that runs backwards from a couple watching as their son is sworn in as president all the way back to how they met on a train because the man saw the woman across the platform and quickly changed his ticket to be on her train.

Today I am two days away from turning 49 thirteen days from turning the number after 49. I am happy, joyous and free and in denial about entering a new decade. I may not enjoy every single minute of every day in my life but I am happy each day and find there is nothing I 'need' that is not available to me today. Of the things I 'want' there is nothing that cannot be a goal I can work toward or keep on a wish list for a future day. 

I can walk for miles, lift my bundles, tie my own shoes and park on the far end of the parking lot. My clothes are not covered with food stains. I am not ashamed of what is in my food basket. I am not ashamed to get weighed at the doctor's office or even at a public carnival. I do not make excuses for what I am buying, eating or doing. I do not apologize to anyone for what I have to do to maintain my weight, my health or my sanity. If my eyes are broken today and I need to bring a food scale and measuring cup with my to the restaurant I do it without worry that I will be judged. If someone else has a problem with it then it is their problem, not mine. 

I am a better manager, a better friend, better mother and better spouse and partner than I was 5 years ago. My day is filled with purpose and possibilities, not remorse and resentment. I have been released of over 200 220 pounds of fat and pain. All the good things in my life can be seen as starting from the day I "changed trains" and did not eat the first cookie. 

Has keeping the pounds off given you another travel itinerary? What could happen if you changed trains today - and did not eat the cookie?



Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

I am all about changing trains for a better vista and fresher air!!!

I also bring my own instant decaf, sometimes, or green tea bags, to people's home or restaurants as liquids form part of my arsenal to stay full and out of temptation. If I had to bring cups and spoons to measure, grill a waiter about contents, talk to the cook/owner about ingredients and prep methods, I do. And have. :D I find that when it's put in the context of health/medical...people are really helpful 99% of the time. Good folks don't wanna damage the health of otehrs. So, I do that. Cause it IS about my lie.

Anyway, here's to great rides on new trains.

Jane Cartelli said...

It absolutely is about health - whether people admit it or not, it all comes down to physical, emotional and spiritual health.

I have yet to have anyone in a restaurant NOT be helpful. The only people who have not been helpful are those in private homes who cannot let go of my decision not to eat their special cake, lasagna, bread . . . Some people seem to make it their mission to get others to eat their food and compliment it. I do my best not to bruise their needy ego when I say no for the frumpteenth time that visit.



Unknown said...

Hi Jane! Well, you are just turning 1 day older on your birthday--not a whole year overnight. So there's nothing to concern yourself about since you are all the things you say in your post. I would also add I think you're fun and an attractive person. What more could you want?!

:-) Marion

bbubblyb said...

Good post Jane! Keeping the lbs off has made me realize I can travel anywhere and do anything I want :) As for not eating the cookie well that's just doing the "right" "better" thing for ME. Eating the cookie usually leads to eating another and another and that would be sending me traveling in the wrong direction.

Anonymous said...

First congrats again on cracking the half century mark very soon! Hubby turns 50 on Friday. he says he does not care, but signs he does not realize he gives off point in the other direction!

Losing weight opens your travel options. Literally and figuratively.

I am coming your way in Nov. I do not think I will have problems fitting in the seat and will not need an extender. I don't think. If I had eaten the cookies, that would not be possible.

I won't be skinny dipping on your beach though... but I am heading to the bridge to the South to fish for some snook. Is it season? Hope so. Otherwise sumpthin else. Not cookies.

Jane Cartelli said...

Marion - Thank you for the compliment and reminder that I should not be complaining about the age. I am alive, healthy and basically happy. How selfish can I get?

bbubblyb - on another blog someone today wrote that it was okay to have one as long as they ensured that they did not eat any more and I thought to myself "I do not understand the just one concept today." How does she ensure that she does not have more than one?" You know how I do that? I do not have the one. I have none. That has been the only thing that has worked for me with certain foods.

Munchie - coming to the Orlando side at all? Let me know if you are. As for the half century mark: I hope to find that half is the new third. LOL


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

It's all about attitude, and you have a wonderful one! Changing trains is all part of a wonderful journey that we are all on. Lovely post!

Julie said...

I love this post although I have never seen that advertisement. I loved the movie (well, not so much the movie but the premise of) Sliding Doors - a missed vs caught train changes a life by exposing/hiding a cheating spouse. In that case it was chance, in cookie terms it's choice but in both cases a seemingly trivial action or event leads to a life changing thing. Wouldn't it be great if we could stop before we eat those things we know trigger us to think of that visual. While I was writing this comment a colleague came in with a large box of chocolates insisting I have some. My initial `no thanks' met with one being placed on my desk. I picked it up, handed it back and said `if you leave that there I may or may not eat it. But I will spend the rest of the day thinking about chocolate.' This was said with a smile but in a serious tone. Colleague looked thoughtful and accepted the chocolate without further comment but good grace. She is a graduate nurse on industrial workplace experience! I hope that exchange stays in her mind as she enters her nursing practise. Perhaps she may one day recall it.
PS We have an ad here for medical insurance for which the jingle is `From little things big things grow". Everytime I hear that I think of my butt! Little nibbles here and there make my behind grow big :)

Mary said...

I've been stuck on the platform for a while now, torn between the train back to somewhere I'm comfortable and the train leading me somewhere unknown. Time to get on the train I was always destined to be a passenger on. ♥ This inspired me today, much more than I can express. I cannot thank you enough.

Maren said...

Loved this post!

Although I have to tell you something my grandmother told me once, when I asked her if getting older felt bad. It was around her 60th birthday, and she looked at me with a quizzical brow and said: "Think about all the people that never make it to 60!"... :)

Cenandra said...

Sounds wonderful Jane! You've come so far and to know that we are aging, but yet able to do what we can do now is amazing! Happy belated birthday. :)

beerab said...

Love your post, this weekend my goal was to STOP giving in and eating crap, weekdays I'm so good, then weekends I screw up by eating out with hubby! This weekend I refuse to let that happen again :)