Thursday, October 20, 2011

Diane's Experience with Moderation

Never discount the experience of someone who is keeping their pounds off year after year after year. I know several people who have kept it off for 7, 9, 13, 18+ years. I really try to listen to what they say because they have cracked their own codes and are doing what we all want to be doing: keeping the pounds off. 

Diane over at fit to the finish always has great experience to share with us. The other day she commented on my moderation post. She wrote: 
Moderation has been good for me, BUT it took a long, long time to work. I found that I really needed to eliminate foods for quite some time.
Diane has been keeping her pounds off for over thirteen years. I found her comment very inspiring and educational and I want to make sure I share it with all of you here. Let me highlight her points:

Moderation is working for her today. 
It took a long, long time to work. 
She needed to eliminate foods for quite some time. 
Her experience is an on going process

 "A long time" is not two weeks or three months or even one year. It is several, many, numerous years. Just as SLOW AND STEADY wins the race, Diane achieved a level of moderation after she had a long successful maintenance. I appreciate the history she has developed on this process and I keep an open mind because I do not know what I will be like after keeping the pounds off for thirteen years. I only know that today I am still not in that place. Someday I might find moderation does work for me - but not today and not overnight. 

Keep those eyes facing forward! 
The goal is not how fast (or if) we can be successful at moderate eating. The goal is keeping the  pounds off in a sane and healthy manner. I did not lose 220 pounds in a year. It took several years and weight loss is still happening. In the scheme of things I have just started scratching the topsoil in the land of maintenance. I thank Diane for sharing her experience and I am listening. 



Vickie said...

I would also think that there are times when anyone okay with moderation sometimes, would have to be very careful not to put themselves in harmsway. Stressful times might call for going back to the safer foods and staying very far away from those risky ones.

good post.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Interesting discussion about moderation from a different perspective! I always just think of it as a vague sort of virtue, not a specific strategy to employ or trade off with abstaining.

And it's always great to read successful weight loss maintenance tips. So much is written about losing weight, and yet the pounds are somehow supposed to magically stay off once shed.

The fact that so many people Yo-Yo up and down points to the need for more support for weight maintenance!

Jane Cartelli said...

That is exactly what I get from reading Diane's experience.


Unknown said...

Diane is so wise on so many of her posts. She also did a post recently on not just making weight goals but also goals like "I will not eat cookies today" kinds of goals. I could see how those kinds of goals would work.

:-) Marion

Maren said...

Slow and steady is definitely the right way to go. :)

bbubblyb said...

I'm listening too Jane :) I am with Vicki that at certain times abstaining is a must for me when I'm feeling weak. But I would like to get to a point of balance at some point like Diane. It is about what works for each of us too for sure. I too look for more insight and info on maintenance. Though I want to lose a few more lbs really I have been in maintenance for almost 2 yrs now and I do find it harder than losing.

RedPanda said...

@ bbubblyb - It's reassuring to read that you, too, find maintenance harder than losing.

For me, it often feels like a day-in-day-out slog, like a very demanding job with no vacation. And there's so little recognition of the pressures of maintenance out there in the general consciousness that we in the "three per cent club" need to seek out each other's support and experiences online. I certainly don't know any fellow maintainers IRL.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with you and Vickie - you have to know when moderation can happen and what/when moderation won't work.

I am a FIRM believer in the old boring "slow and steady..." theory. People get pissed when you say that. They want the plateau over with or the 100 pounds to be gone by 4-6 months or refuse to understand how they lost 5 pounds per week eating 1500 calories and now being down 100 pounds why the next 100 is not dripping off at that rate. OK maybe that is pure stupidity. But still!

I think you set reasonable expectations, jigger things around to see what works (nothing wild or irretrievable) and make small changes and over time you can get used to things and know yourself better, have time for trial and error...

That is my suspicion at least.

I am certainly listening. I resist sometimes, but always I have my go to bloggers who I trust are making wise decisions. I take their lead. : )