Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eating Food Substitutes

One of my favorite crazy movie characters is Clark W. Griswold from the Vacation Movies:

 Specialist in added food colors and additives, not preservatives. . . . 

I am currently 6 days out from using artificial sweeteners. That's right, I have been eating my oatmeal, my yogurt, my coffee and my tea without any sweetener - natural or manufactured. I am reading a Jillian Michaels book and I can see that in the next chapter I am going to be told me toss out the chemicals. Never one to like being told what to do (major character defect), I decided to read slower and beat her to it.

I actually started weaning two weeks ago when I stopped putting Splenda in my hot tea or my cereal. Then I stopped putting it in my yogurt every other day. Then I took the plunge and just stopped. 
I thank Vickie for suggesting it in comments and on her blog awhile ago. It gave me hope. I personally know many people who are both sugar and artificial sweetener free but I truly never gave it any thought until both Vickie and Jillian whispered in my ear.

I have no plans at this point. I may stay 100% free of the Splenda and Truvia or I may add it back in to certain things - or I might eventually go back to using it freely. I am just trying this out and seeing
  • does NOT having the chemicals change my metabolism?
  • does NOT having the chemicals mean I reach for less food?
  • does NOT having the chemicals improve anything else in my life?
  • does NOT calling them artificial sweeteners and calling them chemicals help me let go?
Time will tell. I have giving myself plenty of time. No rash decisions. No sudden changes. No new bouncing baby behaviors to fret over. One day at a time. I have fear over this so I may not be ready to give up 100% of my sweetening chemicals. That does NOT make me a weak, bad person. It makes me an honest, changing, willing person.

Do you have any desire to remove sweetening chemicals from your life?
Do you have any fear over removing sweetening chemicals from you life?



Life Coach Gerri Helms, CSC, MCC said...

I stopped using artificial sweeteners for about 18 months. I really dislike the taste of oatmeal without a little sweetener. I don't believe that I abused it, like I wasn't sneaking sweetener when no one was looking!

I took back stevia about 3 months ago and once again enjoy oatmeal.

Hey Jane, if you really do let go of artificial sweeteners, can I have all those bottles of flavors in your china cabinet? ha ha ha!

Joan said...

Personally, my cravings seem to have diminished considerably since I stopped drinking diet sodas and using sugar substitutes. Long may it last!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think Vickie is a good person to look at who moves smartly from sweeteners of the artificial variety.

I totally got what you said about not being told what to do so you read slowly and started to do it of your own accord - maybe when you get to that chapter it will already be your own thing. LOL Yep. KNOW that. Way to outsmart yourself!

I don't really give huge thought to the amount of sweeteners (artificial or otherwise). In fact I still use sugar sometimes when I am balancing out an acid when cooking. Not a lot. I still eat sweeteners (natural and artificial) in sauces (manufactured) and dressings (manufactured), jelly...

If my life was filled with manufactured food, I might be more concerned, but we mostly eat things from the yard, animals and occasionally grains. Sweets from trees.

But I like the whole process of being aware of what you eat - for fuel, for pleasure - that your body and health are meaningful things, not just passive coincidences.

bbubblyb said...

Yea, always good to be open minded about that stuff. I am curious to see how it goes for you. I have cut back with my splenda but must be honest in saying the picture of no sweetness in anything I'm not sure I would want to live with. But cutting back hasn't been hard and I think adjusting myself to less sweetness isn't a bad thing. Good luck with it!

Jackie H. said...

I live Agave nectar...no fake sweeteners!

Lauren said...

No! Cabinet flavors are mine! Mine, I say!

Cathy said...

I greatly reduced artifial sweeteners early in the game, and I really believe that has made me feel better than almost anything else. I might have a diet coke or 2 on the weekend. I enjoy the real taste of food now, without the sugary coating.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I don't use any of the Truvia/Stevia, etc. Whenever I use artificial sweeteners I get sick to my stomach.

Maren said...

I think it's a great idea to try things out and note how your body responds! Good on you!

Vickie said...

I have always looked at this type of thing as a science experiment and not taken it personally.

When one looks at it that way (in my opinion) then we have opportunities and possibilities.

I like opportunities and possibilities.

It will be interesting to see what you uncover.

Jane Cartelli said...

I do not use agave. It is sugar and I react to it as such.
There was a Dr Radio segment on agave recently and I learned some very interesting things about agave and all other sugars.

Sorry Gerri and Lauren - If I continue not to use the flavors I am sure the other person in the house will!