Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fifty Piece Chicken McNuggets, Large fries and a Diet Coke

Time to start the Fright Food Horror Posts for 2011. Do you like clowns? Many people are afraid of clowns. It is a fear that starts for some people in childhood and continues when they are otherwise well-developed and stable adults. Stephen King's demon in  It  was a clown. I like clowns. I have no problems with clowns and their crazy antics but that Stephen King story still creeped me out. So, let's start with a scary clown. 

McDonald Corp: Don't blame me: he's your icon
Now let's ask the very obese young man at the register for his order: 
  • Fifty Piece Chicken McNuggets
  • Large fries (with 4 packets ketchup, 2 salt)
  • Large diet coke without ice and 1 refill

5X this package of nuggets! 
This was the lunch order at McD's for a 17 year old young man. I will call him Stephen in honor of the writer of It. Stephen drove over to the fast food restaurant from his high school. Students coming over on foot have a 3.5 minute walk in each direction.  Stephen says he drives so he can get a seat before everyone else arrives. When asked why he does not use the drive-up window he says it does not come with the free- refill of the soda and he always runs out when he eats in the car. Stephen has this lunch at least three times a week. 

The McNuggets are  total of 2550 calories, 165 grams of fat 5700 milligrams of sodium. With the fries he is  consuming 3000 calories, 185 grams of fat and over 6000 milligrams of sodium at just one meal and I did not include the ketchup nutrition counts. He eats this Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sometimes he also has it on Saturdays. 
In keeping the pounds off I stay away from the fast food places but I also have reasonable portion sizes for all my food. A reasonable portion is not a party platter or a family pack. A reasonable portion does not need to be double bagged. If this young man were your child, or lover, or best friend, would you be able to watch him eat this meal without hiding your eyes behind hands?

Does this meal horrify you?



Janis said...

I remember the first time I saw a billboard for the 50-piece McNugget deal. I wanted to go find the CEO of McDonalds so I could punch him in the face. That and that soda billboard with two gigantic plastic tanks of soda that said "enough for your meal" almost made me ill.

Hungry Girl Fan said...

50 Pieces?! I can't even imagine being able to fit that in your stomach, let along the fries and soda as well. No wonder we have a problem with obesity in our country! 3000 calories is two day's worth of food for me. Crazy!

Unknown said...

I've eaten 3/4 of a family bag of M&Ms (about 3 years ago) so I can't throw stones.

:-) Marion

Fatoutofskinny said...

Sign of the times and it is such a tragic shame that these "food" producers....can you really call it food......are so irresponsible. But then the blame can not be totally theirs, we have to take responsibility for reading the nutritional content of what we shove in our mouths. We need to stop being mindless eaters and become mindful eaters. We also need to stop being irresponsible consumers.

Anonymous said...

They offer a fifty piece chicken nugget? Yeah, that is horrifying. How does a student afford such a meal 3-4 times per week? My mind goes second to the cost!

I once ate 2 footlong subway sandwiches back in 1983. Of course I was also swimming for a couple hours per day and lifting weights. But I still remember eating them.

Well, I guess it is no worse than a bucket of chicken. I pity that boy.

Rory said...

I took a picture for you today, and it's really funny that this was what you posted! The picture is outside a Burger King for a 50 piece chicken tender meal, $7.77, 2,380 cal. That doesn't include soda or fries. I thought it interesting that BK included the calorie count on the sign, as all the other signs for BK food had no count on them. Also, the sign has a football background, making it look more or less like it should be shared...

But if you think about it, BK Chicken Tenders are approx. 48 cal each... EACH! 1 Chicken Tender = 10 baby carrots... which is more filling? We just need someone to find a way to make baby carrots cute shapes =D

RedPanda said...

I'd love to know what was going on inside that young guy's head. Did he think that eating a meal like that three or even four times a week is "normal?

Did he think that his weight was already past the point of no return, so he may as well "enjoy" himself?

Did he not sense the looks of disapproval from other McDonalds' customers?

Or was he completely oblivious?

Lest I sound like a hypocrite, I used to eat large quantities of fattening food back in the day, and I'm struggling to remember how I felt about it at the time. I think it was a combination of all of those factors, but still, my former self seems like a completely different person.

I guess she is, in a way...

Lana said...

"With the fries he is consuming 3000 calories, 185 grams of fat and over 6000 milligrams of sodium at just one meal and I did not include the ketchup nutrition counts."

Yes, its a horrible meal and I don't think anybody should eat 3000 calories in one sitting and 185 grams of cheap fat is bad, BUT 185g fat gives only 1665 calories. That means that the meal also has 112g of protein and 213 grams of carbs. It's all just too much. Even too much protein for one meal.

Angry Fat Mom said...

Whaaaaat?! I didn't even know they sold a 50 piece nugget meal!! That's insane! Hopefully he'll figure out that it's not good before it kills him.