Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hurtful Eating Vs. Heathy Behavior

On Friday I ate a meal too quickly, while watching the evening news and while thinking of several other things I needed to do when I was finished. I realized, as I ran out of food on my plate, what I had done wrong. I planned to improve at the next meal. On Saturday I ate breakfast quickly to get out of the house on time for an early meeting. I ate lunch quickly because I was running late for my hair appointment. I ate my snack quickly because I had to get to work. So what, right? This is the way so many people balancing their busy lives and a lack of time to 'do it all.' What is important is that I am eating the right foods, right?

Not quite. These behaviors are precursors. They will set me up for the perfect storm. I am left unsatisfied and wanting to more to eat. The behaviors are handing me the rope with which I can hang myself in rebounding with  extra quantities my body does not need because my mind does not recognize I have already been nourished That is my key: I have to use eating behaviors that allow my mind to realize my body has been nourished. Otherwise my mind is going to start its magical thinking and then: watch out! Before I know it I will 'need' a Snickers bar for 'low blood sugar.' Magical thinking is deadly. When the magical thinking starts the rope is ready and I am about to stick my head through the loop. 

Last night: It was time for dinner. We were running a few minutes late for an evening of dancing. Instead of gulping down my food I changed what I was going to wear. Changing my plan to wear a dress into pants saved me time shaving my legs and pulling on the pantyhose. I kept my make up light and I accepted my husband's help in getting dinner prepared. I ate one bite at a time. I really chewed my food and I avoided the television while I ate. I felt full before I reached the end of my meal - a healthy feeling. We went on to have a fabulous evening, without food thoughts. 

Food behaviors that are indicative of hurtful eating:
  1. So anxious to get the food in my mouth that I eat it while too hot and burn my mouth
  2. Shoving hard or crunchy food into my mouth and chewing fast so shove more in, causing small tears on the inside of the mouth that hurt afterwards
  3. Eating without pausing to taste the food
  4. Going through the motions of eating and not enjoying it, continuing to eat and not enjoying it, knowing I need to stop but continuing to eat . . .and not enjoying it. 
  5. Changing my position when I feel full so I can eat more
  6. Delaying my meals because I have "too much other stuff to do."
  7. Delaying my meals because I am afraid I will get hungry again after I eat my planned meal.

Food behaviors that show I love and respect my body:
  1. Taking the time to plan meals so they are healthy and balanced
  2. Choosing to care for myself enough to sit down and eat without multi-tasking
  3. Finishing one bite at a time, without taking the next bite before I have tasted, chewed, swallowed
  4. Eating to please my body, my palate and my soul without filling any unexplained emptiness that is seeking bulk or illusive flavors and textures
  5. Eating as planned
  6. Eating the balanced ratios that work for my body
  7. Doing it again tomorrow 
I am looking forward to pausing in my day today to eat each meal without a side of multitasking. Some things just don't mix.



SunnySusan said...

wonderful post...a real eye opener for me...thanks

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I can relate to both behaviors. It's so important to adapt your life to the second set isn't it?

Vickie said...

amen, agree totally.

Lisa said...

I am a fast eater. I have no idea why because I didn't come from a huge family that ran out of food. I always had food. I have to remind myself to slow down.