Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspiration Board

I had a very enjoyable weekend with the exception of sleep. The room was not as dark as I would have liked (due to a light right outside the window that could not be fully blocked) and the bed was not as comfortable as my bed at home and I did not sleep very soundly. Those are my only complaints. The rest was wonderful - better than I expected. The food was completely within my plan of eating. I will share on the two things I found to be the highlights of the retreat for me. 

Saturday morning began with an walking meditation exercise for one hour in the woods. It was dark and the only light we had was one flashlight for 20 people. It was chilly for Florida, barely 52 degrees. With the exception of the leader who guided us, we all remained silent during the hour, concentrating only on our foot steps, as instructed. A few minutes before dawn we came to a dock overlooking a large lake. We watched the sunrise. What could be better. 

The theme of the retreat was 'A Vision for You'. On Saturday afternoon we had an exercise in expressing ourselves through creating an inspiration board sharing the vision we believe is planned for us. I have wanted to make one of these for two years. Like many things, my only excuse is I never got around to making it a priority. When I learned we would be doing this on Saturday I was thrilled. I had about five different magazines to glean inspiration from. 

Imagine my surprise when I found "Becoming Jane" as one of the headlines I cut from a page. It became the center of my inspiration board. Tomorrow, Tuesday, I will be fifty years old. I think it is about time I take delight in 'Becoming Jane.' 

Have you ever made yourself an inspiration board? What is your Vision for You? 


Maren said...

I've never made an inspiration board as such, but I scrapbook and I've made a lot of pages for the "book of me". I find that those pages help me set goals and move forward. :)

Miz said...

my VISION BOARD and GRATITUDE board have changed my life as well.

Unknown said...

No, I never have. But it sounds fun, especially with all of the pictures we could get off the internet.

I'm glad you and daughters liked my M&Ms comment.

:-) Marion

Jane Cartelli said...

Suggestion: Do NOT use the internet to make your board. The vastness of the 'Net makes it too easy to choose what I want to put on the board instead of being inspired by what I can find. And there is something healing in cutting out the headlines and photos and gluing them in place.


bbubblyb said...

Great inspiration board Jane, so cool you found "becoming Jane" too :) I did read that little part about hubby in the middle of the night and made me smile, not sure I'd be that brave to put on my board lol. Glad you had such a good time at the retreat.

Fatoutofskinny said...

Sounds fabulous, must have been wonderful with the sunrise.
Like you I've wanted to make an inspiration board but it's never come to fruition....maybe now is the time!

Anonymous said...

I have not been on a retreat since college and have never made an inspiration board. I am enjoying yours. Wanting to go to Venice and Paris or... Vegas! LOL Funny thing is that the pic at bottom right LOOKS like the outline of Venice, but I think it is a blanket? Someone wants grandbabies! Subtle Jane. Right front and center. LOL