Sunday, October 23, 2011

Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

While I am away this week I am posting this topic from something I did last year. If you want to read that entry you can click here, but the important point I hope you will consider is right here:
I was not a 'bad' person for being obese. I am not a 'good' person for losing weight. Obesity is not a crime. I have already punished my body too much to continue punishing by brain by denying myself enjoyable activities that have nothing to do with food. 

There is no crime in personal obesity or obsessive eating disorders. Do not punish yourself with excess food. Do not punish yourself by withdrawing from the wonderful things to be experienced in life. This is a life worth living! Have you charged yourself with a 'crime' and doled out a punishment for your eating disorder? Give yourself a full pardon. You are not a criminal. There is great joy in letting go of the ball and chain. 

Have you ever punished yourself for being obese? Please share how you have stopped punishing yourself for a crime you did not commit.



Maren said...

I like this post! I think a lot of people punish themselves unconsciously, I know for sure that I have!

I'm going to try to stop doing that! :D

Cenandra said...

I don't think I punished myself, if I did I don't remember.

However, peoples reactions to obese people make a heavy person feel like they've done a crime. I think that is sad.

Anonymous said...

I did not want to do a lot of things because I felt I was too fat. I did not want to go to the beach or go on a cruise involving beach wear or do things my husband wanted to do like meet someone in Panama to sail around for a while. I KNEW that a constant 100 degrees would force me in a bathingsuit and into the water.

I have spent a lot of time and energy lamenting untapped happiness.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! I don't know if it's my size (not teen sized), or my age (mother aged), or just generosity, but I usually put my money towards clothes for the teen children, not myself. I'm not sure why, but there may be some sort of punishing factor in that.

:-) Marion

Anonymous said...

Someone keeps having to remind me...eating disorders are not moral issues. Thanks for reminding me of this!