Thursday, October 27, 2011

Treats are Tricks

Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel? Two children lost in the woods who come across the house made of chocolate and candy. They eat some of it, only to learn that they will now be eaten by the witch who lives inside. If I over eat or eat foods that I have no business having because of my addictive nature, I am going to be consumed by the witch that lives inside of me. Sweet treats are tricks for me today. I cannot indulge. 

Alcohol does not agree with every person (or pumpkin). Some people find a better life by putting the cork in the bottle and never again touching a drop. It is this way with me and milk fat, and sugar, and certain other foods. I am better off without them in my life. This does not say I do not want them. When I want them I need to not trick myself. I have to recognize having them means I will soon be as sick as a drunk pumpkin. 

Over the past few years I have found some delightful non-food replacements. I have treats but, in keeping the pounds off, my definition of a treat has changed. Instead of treats being homemade cookies or Italian pastry my treats are a massage or a pedicure. A treat might be a few hours touring a small town with my husband or an hour walking on a beach at sunset. A treat may be a few dollars given as a donation to a charity I just learned about. These are things that sweeten my soul in a way that candy never will. 

Please share what treats sweeten your soul today.



Maren said...

Thank you for your advice in my blog, I really found it very helpful!

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! Well, I love "ear candy"--my very favorite songs. And I love "gym frosting," what I call the cool stuff that I do at the gym. i.e. A headstand is the frosting of the yoga cake. All are calorie-free!

:-) Marion

Jane Cartelli said...

Maren -
We help each other. And it works. Isn't it great?

Marion - I love the 'ear candy' idea. Dolce for my ears. Music can change everything in my day for the better whereas real candy only made one of two minutes better - and the rest of the day worse.


Life Coach Gerri Helms, CSC said...

I'm having a wonderful Halloween 'treat' ... I'm in NC spending time with my 90 year old parents. Nothing could be sweeter!

No candy, cookie or any other addictive food will trick me this year. I rather enjoy the spice of life, now that I'm not encumbered by an extra 100 lbs. I'm maintaining a healthy body for over 18 years. What a real treat!

that TOPS lady said...

Great post!

Winning Over Weight said...

Thank you Jane. I found your blog by what some would call accident; I call divine appointment. I must face the demons that want me to fail at maintaining a 150 pound weight loss and let them know that I win. THANK YOU!!

Anonymous said...

I did enjoy giving a whole pile of too big clothes to charity. Can't do that every time the mood for a treat strikes.

When we lived in FL we used to hop in the boat to go watch the sunset - it would set me right when I was feeling out of sync. That and swimming around the boat.

Now I walk down to this bridge where all the leaves are turning. I slide down to the underside of the bridge and lie on the walking path and look up. My husband went with me yesterday, but refused to lie down. 20 years and I still cannot get him to completely let go. Who cares if someone sees you lying on the path?

Jane Cartelli said...

Winning Over Weight - Keep coming back and share often!