Thursday, November 17, 2011

Artificial Update

I was off artificial sweetener for three weeks before I left for Colombia. While I was in Colombia I did have Splenda in my coffee twice and two Coke Lights (what they call diet Coke). I chewed gum on take off and landing for all four flights. 

Ever since I got home I have been drinking more diet soda. I have been slowly adding Splenda back into my foods. Yesterday I realized I am seeking a sweet sensation and that is never going to be satisfied, whether it is via a Splenda/Truvia packet or a cup of pure sugar. I need to make an action plan to get past using diet soda. The diet soda is poison in my body and I know that. I do not want diet soda. I want that sweet sensation. 

Maybe I am missing the lovely fruits. Hmmmm. 

Maybe I am reacting to the holiday food displays. Hmmmm.

Maybe I am hormonal and need to pause and pay attention to what my body is telling me. Hmmmmm.

Maybe all three? 



Fatoutofskinny said...

Have you tried eating a couple of dates? It works for my sweet tooth

Caron said...

I find myself edging back into the Splenda routine too. I was happily eating my oatmeal and drinking my tea without sweetener and am not sure why I went back. I have stopped the diet sodas except maybe one every two weeks. Just this morning I was reading about Splenda causing so many problems. :(

Jane Cartelli said...

I do not want to admit it but I have to be honest: when I eat dates I am not satisfied with just two or three. I want more and sometimes I want them too much.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! I have this exact same issue. I'm doing well off the sweeteners for as long half a year, and then something happens abruptly--which would be my stressful work right now--and I'm drinking soda again. It's so bad for my teeth.

I'll quit drinking soda again next week, on the day I'm done with this huge project. I have the same job as your husband. There are way too many details--it makes my head want to split in two. I have constant thinking headaches right now--all day long--for the past month.

I know I'm weak, but quitting very often and for long periods of time is far better than never quitting at all. Overall, in the past 3 years, I drank soda only a few months.

:-) Marion

Jane Cartelli said...

Marion -
Your comment leads into my next post on this subject. It will be up next and it is called
"Transference, Examined"

Cenandra said...

I have contemplated quitting Splenda, but I have this demon that says its calorie free why give it up and you love the way it tastes! However, when I eat Splenda I am still thinking of MORE MORE MORE which leads to binging. Its a double edge sword really. I don't want to give up my Splenda, I feel like I have given so much up already why do that to myself? Don't know I am just rattling off right now.