Thursday, November 3, 2011

Don't Reach Out to Crush Someone!

Recovering from food addiction involves life or death actions and consequences. Just because we will not drop dead today does not make it any less lethal for us in our decisions of what we choose to pick up. Forks and spoons can be as deadly as guns and knives. Just because you cannot see blood does not mean I am not bleeding. Even though I am walking the walk, sometimes I am just holding on by a thread, barely I holding on. If I was on a ledge, would you try and push me off? Forget the 'most inspiring blogger' awards - you get the Bloody Dagger Award!

Some people go out of their way to slay other people. I am NOT talking about holding up a mirror to their face so they cannot hide from themselves. I am not talking about being painfully honest with they cannot face honesty on their own. In this life and death struggle I could be saving your life by being blazingly honest with you. I will not stay silent if it means watching you die a little more each day.

No, I mean MEAN people who bully those who are struggling. Mean people who belittle others with their snide comments and hurtful sarcasm. Some Mean people will tell you with 'gen-u-ine feeling' that they are rooting for you but salivate with glee when you are not doing well. Mean people just suck. Why are Mean people like that? Is it a misguided belief that their attitudes are helping someone up or a perverse desire to hold someone down? I am sure it is the former answer for some people and the latter for others. Mean persons - wherever you are: If it is a misguided belief you are wrong. If it is perverse desire you are sick, (and wrong).



that TOPS lady said...

aha....I can't help but think of a particular blogger bully when I read this post.

I never understood the benefit of crushing someone's self esteem.

I agree with you.

I've gotten to the point however, that I know I am awesome, regardless of what Mr. Bully posts about me. :D

You are awesome too. Let's rock this day!

Kelliann said...

Bullying is totally unacceptable in so many areas, and yet when it comes to obesity and weight loss, it's still prevalent, and acceptable!! Outrageous! I think there is SOMETIMES a fine line between truth telling, and going overboard and being downright mean. Sometimes the truth can FEEL mean to the recepient... I know I've been there when I was in denial about my actions.
Just as a side note, you are totally inspirational to me. I read your blog all the time and I feel so in tune with your story. Thank you.

Maren said...

I think this is spot on. It's so easy to throw remarks at someone online .. and then there's the people that enjoy seeing you struggle.

They do suck.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

You are right - and the explosion of blogs/Internet commenting makes it an "easy" way to throw barbs.

Anonymous said...

My curiosity is piqued.

Sometimes I catch myself being mean when I am tired or sick or tired of someone making excuses or whining. I try to disengage and walk away so I won't be a cutting bitch.

Yep. Still curious. I offer hugs if someone was mean to you. And a squeeze.

Jane Cartelli said...

I need to comment:
NO ONE has ever been mean to me on this blog - ever. I have never needed to delete a post over pain or personalities. I have never had to cry in pain over anything anyone has written about me on their blogs. I was merely writing about what am observing on other blogs and in the world at large.


Anonymous said...


I have not had anyone say something mean to me either.

Sometimes I read something on a blog that so conflicts with me or is so incredibly rude that I never go back again. Even if I thought I liked them and their blog.