Saturday, November 26, 2011

Evolving Vegetables?

If you want a chortle, a guffaw, a laugh and a snicker (I said snicker, not Snickers!), then please go read this article in the Daily Onion about how vegetables are developing a gooey candy center in response to their evolutionary process. Then come back here and post a comment. 

Maybe you will tell us about a food you have 'discovered' evolving. I haven't discovered onions growing a natural coating of breading or pigs secreting their own sugar-cure. However I notice that turnips, something that always tasted bitter to me, when roasted in the oven, are naturally sweet.

Unlike the vegetables, I am evolving in a different way. My gooey core is becoming firm and trim. My taste buds are moving away from the need for sweeter choices - one day at a time. The evolutionary process is a long one. That is okay because living things that do not evolve tend to be weeded out by nature and I do not want nature to think I am a weed unworthy of my place on Mother Earth. 



Caron said...

I know one thing that has either evolved or they've purposely changed it to be super sweet and that is corn. I bought a couple of ears of corn last summer and they were so sweet that it was sickening. Maybe to people who eat a lot of sweets, it is just right.

Maren said...

That made me giggle! :)

Jane Cartelli said...

I had that experience with sweet corn, too. OMG - maybe the Daily Onion is on to something?

desertdew said...

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