Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Food Addicts Beware the Triple Crown of Holidays

Halloween Day, Thanksgiving Weekend, Christmas Week, Oh MY! It is that time of year again. The season when I started eating on Halloween and did not let up until the New Years Eve leftovers were out of the house. 

This post borrows some passages from a post I published originally in November of 2009. It also tells you where I will be for the next week. 

It has started! THE 62 DAY FOOD FESTIVAL OF THE SUFFERING OVEREATER! From Oct 31st until January 1st the stores are more than normally filled with temptations and things that will harm me if ingested. 

My husband go to bed with the TV on  timer. Many nights we have the food channel on but not between now and New Year's. Too many Holiday themed food shows. I do not want to be constantly bombarded with reminders and temptations. Normally I tune out the TV and read but during this season they seem louder and more demanding of my attention. If I get caught up in a weak moment anything is possible. For myself, I know that at this time of the year I have to be extra careful of my fit spiritual condition because if I were to get started I could easier gain 50 pounds in the next 60 days. I must pay attention to my food behaviors this past month and stop some of the behaviors that are sloppy. These are actions such as taking the time to really chew my food properly and making sure I have a plan for when I will be out and may miss a meal for a few hours.

Tomorrow I leave for Medellin, Columbia (my first time ever in South America) where I will be enjoying the company of friends from the USA and South America who are all on this journey for recovery from obesity. Practicing the Spanish I have been neglectful in diligently studying and forgetting immediately retaining for several weeks 6 whole days. I am going to ask to go to the location this photo (right) and see the statues. I think they used my backside as a model for the woman. . . . 

I will be with people from Columbia who will take care of me from the moment I land until I am back at the airport next Monday. I have only learned the important things: No queso, mantigilla. No graso de leche. No asucar. (spelling may be wrong but basically it means no cheese, no butter, no milk fat and no sugar). Six days sharing, listening, learning, giving and receiving I am hoping this service trip to Medellin is a good way for me to transition into the mode of the holiday season.

What are you doing to prepare for keeping the pounds off these next 61 days?



Lauren said...

There are replicas of those statues at the Time Warner Center...they've been there as long as I've been here. Have we never gone there while you've been here? I know we went to Whole Foods so....

Jane Cartelli said...

I was so busy looking forward to Whole Foods I missed naked chubby statues?? It was raining the last time we went there. Perhaps we just didn't make a point of it.

Fatoutofskinny said...

Have fun.
As for the next 60 or so days.....I'm going to be very present and conscious in my thinking and eating. I was going to say I'll be flying by the seat of my pants......but I need to be more purposeful than that, I'm thinking!!!

Maren said...

Enjoy your trip! :D

that TOPS lady said...

I do need to come up with a plan. Yesterday (halloween) I ate ONE reeses and although I stopped there, (because I told myself that morning that I would only have ONE), I was hungry and craving and unfulfilled all day.(and tired!) Junk just really starts me out on the wrong foot!

I need a plan. I will be thinking about that today.

Off the top of my head, I'm thinking I will give away the rest of my halloween candy, only eat sweets on Thanksgiving and the day before (preparations), and Christmas eve. Hum......

Great thinking. I think I will talk about this at TOPS. We need a plan before the moment hits us!

Jane Cartelli said...

I agree with Fatoutofskinny: We need to be more purposeful if we are to be successful. Flying by the seat of our pants pretty much ensures we will get friction burns and flayed skin.

TOPSLADY - Ask yourself was that one candy worth what you felt the rest of the day? Was it worth the thoughts you are already having about having sweets four and eight weeks from now? I only know my own experience so the only thing I can share is this:
I have only felt anger, resentment, anxiety, cravings and generally felt like crap after having 'just one candy' or having 'just one day of sweets.'

It has NEVER gotten better or easier to stop once I started.
It has never been worth it except during the fleeting moments I am eating it -once I have swallowed, it sucks.

It has not been the answer to anything except to the question of am I a food addict and do I need help. Then the answer is yes.

I hope you will find your answer and not need to spend another day feeling (your words):

"I was hungry and craving and unfulfilled all day.(and tired!) Junk just really starts me out on the wrong foot!"


Anonymous said...

I am also gearing up to put all I have learned to work during the holidays, during time with family. I need to have full consciousness not to gain during Thanksgiving. One holiday and party at a time.

Everyone has to do what works for themselves. Figuring it out takes time and compassion for yourself.

Medellin huh? Oh you arrive home today. I look forward to a full report of your trip. Woot. I am glad I was sick and had not read this a week ago. I would have worried. It is my way.

Jane Cartelli said...

I will start posting later today. Right now I just want to say that the Plaza de Botega, Medellin gave me one of the greatest gifts I ever received.