Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Home From Medellin

Statue by Botero. Funny, I don't
remember posing for this artist?
I have been concerned about this trip to Medellin, Colombia for a year. At first and at length, I did not want to go. Between the US news stories and the movies Romancing the Stone and Clear and Present Danger, I had figured Medellin to be dangerous and scary place. If I was not committed to the service position that took me to Colombia, I would never have gone. 

About a month before I left, I was in Walt Disney Worlds EPCOT, taking shelter with a Spanish couple during a storm. I told them I was going to Medellin in November and they shared with me their choices of things to see and do. When the rain ended and they made ready to leave, the husband said to me When you come to our country you will be welcomed and loved. That was he day I opened my mind to having a good time. 
One of these fruits does not
belong Can you guess which?
I was there six days. I drank the water, ate nine of the Colombian fruits and traveled to the top of the mountain in a gondola. I rode the Metro, danced the Salsa and braved taxis all over the city. I spoke with the soccer fans, shopped in Carulla and I explored Plaza de Botero. Yes, I have gone native. 

I came home heavier than when I left - not in pounds, but full with the love I carry in my heart for my new friends in Medellin. It would take me a long time to share all the wonderful experiences of my trip and honestly, I have to catch up on work that accumulated in my absence. Anyone have a good way to catch up on a week of emails and blog posts? For today I will leave you with these photos (one of which is actually mine) and pose this question:

Are you practicing keeping the pounds off no matter where you travel?



bbubblyb said...

I would love to hear and see more of your trip Jane :) I've found when I've went to other countries (only been to Canada and Mexico) the people just treated me terrific. I am so glad you had a great time.

that TOPS lady said...

Hubby and I are spending the coming weekend out of town to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. It would be SO easy to say "Special occasion! Pig out!". But goodness, I don't want to break the good cycle I've got going! So......I'm trying to get it squared away in my mind, what I WILL do and what I will NOT do. For example, I WILL pack fruit and almonds and granola bars and eat them for some meals instead of eating out each meal. When we eat at the mexican food restaurant, I will NOT eat the cheese dip. I will have a chicken quasadilla with green peppers and onions. I Hubby and I are getting our feet fitted for running shoes on our trip and we also plan to walk the path around the canal in Oklahoma City. I will walk 3 miles that morning before we leave on our trip. Sorry this was so long...I just needed to speak it and commit to it!

Glad you had a good trip!

Vickie said...

my guess is the apple (does not belong).

Glad you had a good time.

So few people are posting these days that you might as well stretch out your 'catching up' and enjoy. I was just thinking I was going to need to find another long term blogger and work my way through their archives. . .

Fatoutofskinny said...

Glad you had a wonderful time, look forward to hearing a few more tid bits. I'm guessing the apple doesn't belong.

Maren said...

So glad to hear your trip went well :D

Crabby McSlacker said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! And if you figure out the secret to keeping up with blog posting & emails, please let me know. Wish-granting fairies? Cloning? Amphetamines? I'm all ears.

Anonymous said...

Meh. I think you read comments when the mood strikes. Your readers are not an over expectant group.

What a bit of kismet meeting that couple at EPCOT.

I look forward to hearing about your trip... when we get together during Thanksgiving. I will write you with my tentative particulars.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! I think the apple does not belong.

It's wonderful that you had such a good time in Columbia. I have found my friends from Mexico and South America to be such warm loving people.

Don't worry about catching up on posts at all. You read them when you read them. Honestly, we must all remember that all of us have lives off the internet. You do too.

:-) Marion

Life Coach Gerri Helms, CSC said...

Special occasions and trips are no longer opportunities for over-eating. Like yours, my life is so exciting when my focus is on other things beside food! I like to say I took the abundance out of my mouth and put it in my life! I can't have it both ways.

As your travel companion in Medellin, I am happy to verify that we did have a grand time without over indulging in food. Jane dances a mean salsa, folks! One evening, our hosts took a large group of us to dinner and dancing in the streets! The made sure that we could have lots of vegetables and the meats were grilled, void of a lot of high calorie, fatty sauces.

We indeed enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of the people of Colombia. I came home weighing exactly what I did when I left. What a miracle!

Sandrelle said...

Jane, my husband is from Colombia and I have been twice. The people were wonderful and welcoming and I always felt safe. Colombia has come a LONG way in the last 10 years in terms of safety. Definitely practiced my eating plan when there, last time I came back 2 pounds lighter. Great job!

Jane Cartelli said...

Don't you just love the fruits there??? I want them here. Do I have to move there or become a criminal and import fruit illegally and practice keeping the pounds off from prison?


Sandrelle said...

Yes, love the fruit there!! My husband's family owns a sugar cane plantation and grow many other fruits too. Much of what we had was fresh off the tree--mangoes!! It was also the first time I tried gooseberries--did you have them? What did you think of the arepas

Jane Cartelli said...

I liked the arepas but they needed salt and I added it, which is a whole 'nother topic.

Are the gooseberries the smooth skinned yellow fruit, about the size of raspberries and tastes like a cross between a berry and a tomato?