Monday, November 21, 2011

I Can Gain 10 Pounds Between Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Warning: Some foods are mentioned but not shown. Spoiler Alert: I do not confess to eating the mentioned foods, so if you are watching for my fall, it isn't today. But thanks for stopping by. 

I can gain 10 lbs between Thanksgiving and Black Friday. All I need is a resentment, 24 hours with wanton food thoughts, an unwillingness to reach out for help and access to the food and I am on my way. You think 10 pounds in one day is impossible in 24 hours? Ha, ha, . . . amateurs. Given me a bag of  chips, a loaf of bread, a block of cheese, dip, Thanksgiving dinner, ice cream and a few slices of pie plus a large hidden candy bar on a day when I also drink all my water, do not exercise and (gross) no bowel movement before weighing in at 4am before going shopping:  I will gain 10 pounds. I might drop half the following day from elimination, salt and bloat, but that is not the point.  The point is I can do incredible damage to myself physically, emotionally and spiritually with just one day. All I have to do is give myself a crack upon which I can exert pressure. Carrying resentments is like dropping hammers on a glass floor. 

Not my dog
My plan is to eat the same way I do on days that do not include the national bird, the birth of a savior, a national shopping spree, a bunny named Cadbury or an industry of spooky candy treats -  any excuse to jolly myself with food. I will have my three meals, spend time with my family and enjoy all our shared traditions that have nothing to do with food. With this plan I do not need to spend the next six weeks plotting and scheming what I can have and get away with. I do not have to fear the days ahead.

My yo-yo 'string' is barbed wire
I once lost 120 pounds over the course of three years. I still had more to loose but I gained the 120 lbs all back in 11 months. I did not know then that maintenance class should have started when I lost the first pound. This time around, when I got to where I lost over 100 pounds and started yo-yo-ing with 20 pounds I knew history would repeat itself if I was left to my own crazy thoughts about what worked. I reached out for help. This Saturday I will be celebrating five years with that help and I am maintaining a loss of 220 pounds (give or take 3 pounds on any given day).

Look, up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a
plane? Is it a frog? Not plane or bird or
even frog, it's just little old me: Food Hog
If I do not live a life with a plan for maintenance I will go up and down and go higher with each 'up' until before I know it I am back in my private hell - a place paved in fudge and cookies that cover up traps holding pain and anguish with treats that look so temptingly good I do not even know it is hell until I am in it. 

How are you approaching this week? Are you thinking 'oh, it's only one day; I can make up for it and take it off by the next week???  If you can do that successfully and without sanity then my cornucopia is off to you: you are not the food addict that I am and I do not know why you are here. 

Here's an excuse I never thought to use! 
If you live everyday knowing that keeping the pounds off is an EVERYDAY occasion then please share your thoughts. 



Kari said...

Love this! I spent way too long on the phone convincing a loved one that we don't need 2 Costco size pies for the 6 of us on Thanksgiving. We will be getting one pie (the kind that I don't like) and moving on. The meal alone does not scare me- it's the leftovers. That is why we will only be getting one pie this year.

downsizers said...

It's only food and food is everywhere. I have finally realized that the food is not the reason for the season and all that. It's not Thanksgiving Day that causes the problem - it's the guilt that we let master us. I am going to enjoy Thanksgiving Day. I am not going to make a week long binge that translates to why bother, Christmas is next, then might as well wait until the New Year. I will continue to exercise and drink my water. My Jazzercise instructor is having class at 7:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day and I will be there. It would be better to throw out the leftovers than punish ourselves with them. Make sure other people take it home, freeze it in portion sizes, take it to a shut in - whatever it takes.

Caron said...

I, too, can do incredible damage in a short amount of time. I can easily gain five pounds in a weekend. Then it can take me four to five weeks to lose it.

I am going to enjoy reasonable portions of things I cook once a year (such as green bean casserole) and I will enlist the help of my jeans that fit very well. No unzipping allowed. :)

Anonymous said...

I've spent my life eating unhealthy Thanksgiving meals and every other kind of holiday, birthday, and celebration meal imaginable. They never end. I've had my fill and I've paid a price. I don't need it anymore...I've finally figured this out. My health is more important. Thank you for reminding me!!

Rebecca said...

Thank you for this post. I'll admit I am scared of Thanksgiving day because I do want to partake of all those wonderful foods. But I also know I'm a food addict, and that I won't be satisfied with just one meal of those things. *sigh*...this is going to be real tuff. I wish I had your determination. I am atleast doing a 5k (run/walk) Thanksgiving morning. So that will hopefully help me keep my head on straight Thanksgiving Day.