Saturday, November 26, 2011

No Sense Howling at the Moon

Not a New Moon Fan
Back in the Dark Ages when I was in school, 'Health class' teachers would try to educate the girls and boys of the eighth grade about a woman's menstruation cycle. In this backward days in the Yonkers, New York public school system, a woman's time of the month was only referred to as her "Moon cycle."

As a teen, my “moon-cycle” made me cranky, hungry, and puffy. In my twenties/thirties I noticed that PMS would make me irritable but I never noticed its affect on my food – probably because I was eating all the time anyway. In my forties, as I was starting to lose weight I knew by my appetite where I was in my cycle and I could prepare for the cravings by understanding what was going on in my body.

Then I had a hysterectomy (uterus only) but I could still judge where I was in my hormone cycle by my daughter. She and I were always within 24 hours of each other and for the past six years this has been a very good way to understand my body in relation to where I was hormonally.

I think that is starting to change. I have experienced peri-menopause symptoms on and off for over a decade. Manageable; I have been proactive so as not be be dangerously reactive to how they make me feel. Lately I am experiencing a change in mood swings and temperature adjustments. Not hot flashes but I am hot without the sweat attacks, whereas I have always been cold and needing extra blankets. I have wanted to eat at different times and this change in timing has off-set my dinner time, which has me eating too late in the day. I also have been wanting more food when there is no reason my body should need it.

My point: No matter what is going on physiologically, I need to eat logically. Just because I am craving more food does not mean my body really needs more food. If my body needs more calories it will be satisfied with an extra oz of chicken or an additional green vegetable or even a glass of water. If I want more or other food – it is not my body talking; it is the squirrels in my brain doing their dance. That dance is not sexy like the salsa, or performed with grace. It is a frantic mesh of insanity and insistance. Feedmefeedmefeedme! Like Disco dancing, it is a throw back to a time in my life that belongs in the past.

Hormonal and other physiological changes are not a rational reason to eat more - they are an excuse my disease used to pick up more food. I am keeping this all in mind as I go through my day. Sharing it helps me stay on task.

Keeping the pounds off through hormonal swings is just another part of doing what I need to do today to still be healthy tomorrow.


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Unknown said...

I call it "moon flow." Doesn't that sound mystical?!!!

My food problems would be entirely solved if I ate rationally, and not emotionally.

:-) Marion