Sunday, November 20, 2011

Plausible Excuses?

Many people with blogs centered on weight issues are going quiet during this season. People give various reasons that sound plausible to me: work, religion, medical issues, lengthy travel requiring weeks and months. . .  Who am I to judge? Unless they asked me to challenge them or help them individually I am just someone who reads their blog and it is none of my business.  There are those I can question: people with whom I have that kind of relationship. I can question them and suggest they examine their motives.

I hope they (and you) will always question me because I know myself. If I 'decided' to go silent for over a month, during peek gluttony season, it would be for nefarious reasons. Would you accept my plausible excuses? What is a plausible excuse?

  • I've decided that at this spiritual time of the year I need to focus on what is important in my family and home so I am taking a blogging break. . . . 

Yeah, if I write that I am using my family and home as an excuse not to do what I need in order to get through the season intact emotionally, physically and spiritually. It would be better for me to write single- sentence posts each day then to go silent for the rest of food season. If my blog was about Art Deco or Cheese recipes or Dippity Do, it would make sense to take a break during the holidays but this blog is about keeping the pounds off. This IS the season for this blog. Fa lalalala lala la la 

  • This is my busy season at work and there is just no time to blog until after the holidays. 
This IS my busy season at work and you know what? That never kept me from finding time for a binge or a party. It never stopped me from doing what I wanted to do so why should I let it stop me from doing what I need to do in keeping the pounds off? I understand there are people for whom weight loss is a hobby and they can use this excuse. The weight nearly killed me. If I gain it back it can still kill me.  

  • I am having surgery on both my arms to remove the excess skin and will not have the mobility needed to blog until after I heal. Oh wait, you will want to see photo proof later - okay, I am out donating a kidney and no you cannot see my scar. 
This could be a plausible excuse but it does not take weeks and weeks to be able to type a few words. Oh, and I have family who know their abc's and can type for me to keep me connected so Kidney donation does not trump blogging. 

  • I have been asked to help Santa fit into his suit in time for Christmas and will be moving to the North Pole for a few months, where they do not have electricity. I will be back at the end of January. 
This is code for "I am binging my buttons off till New Years and then taking January to starve the weight off so I can return and say "see, I was good while I was away . . . "

To everyone who reads this or follows Keeping the Pounds Off:

 If I were to go silent during this season of Silent Night, please, PLEASE call me on it and perhaps SAVE MY LIFE. I will not be offended that you think I might be into food. I will be grateful that you care enough to reach out. The only way I can win against these disease of food addiction is to remove ALL the dark places where it can hide. I will not let it hide here.

Does your disease have a hiding place?



Melanie said...

Jane - please feel free to hold me accountable during this season as well! I would greatly appreciate it.

F. McButter Pants said...

You hit the nail on the head! Excuses are like, well, you know the rest. Everybody has one.

This is the time to be accountable, to be honest. Calling people out is a form of love.

Have a great holiday!

Caron said...

I've done the "I'll just eat what I want during the holidays and get back on my diet in January" routine. I gained 15 pounds and when January rolled around, I was so used to allowing myself to eat anything and everything that I was unable to pull in the reins. I carried that 15 pounds around for the next five years and it grew from 15 pounds to 35.

Our Weight Watcher meetings are extremely crowded when January 1st rolls around and most of the new folks ate their way through the holidays. As for me, I'll keep blogging. :)

Maren said...

I hear you.
My plan is to stick with what I know works for me during the holiday, and that's it. I can do it :)

Unknown said...

I think the christmas period is the most important time of year really when it comes to weight loss. I started my journey on 26th November two years ago, and at the time everyone told me i was crazy for starting around christmas, i reached 10lbs by christmas, and gained 1lb over christmas and new year. If i had waited until after the new year i would have easily have been a stone heavier if not more. So to me i think i made the right decision.

Unknown said...

* 10lb loss i mean. oops.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

No quiet here. You've got to keep it loud to keep it in the open!